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  • "The profile picture of PUNATION's first idol group born from ""LOUD"" is released!"
"The profile picture of PUNATION's first idol group born from ""LOUD"" is released!"
"P NATION" led by singer PSY started its first record in April, and with the first boy group through SBS "LOUD" which was broadcast for a total of 99 days from June 5th to September 11th. 7 members have been confirmed. PSY, who promised to "become a creator who searches for the correct answer together" for the first idol production, said in the final broadcast, "I got a member after a long trip.I will continue to walk at this pace," he said with satisfaction.

[VIDEO] Team P NATION, powerful first title song "180 seconds" ㅣ ;;; LOUD ㅣ ;;; SBS ENTER.

Woo Kyung-jun, Choi Tae-hoon, Jang Hyun-soo, Jung Jun-yuk, Eun-fi, Oh Sung-Jun, and Kouki will be the first boy group of P NATION while showing the appearance of developing every round with the delicate directing of PSY. They showed extraordinary talent and charm from the beginning of the first round, and sublimated their possibilities into their abilities through enthusiasm and effort during the LOUD journey. Their growth impressed and satisfied producers Psy and J.Y. Park as well as viewers of LOUD.

Jung Joon-hyuk played a leading role in singing, rapping, and dancing as the ace, and Woo Kyung-joon was rated "scary" by J.Y. Park for his ability, not his visuals. Eun-hui's natural ability to produce and performance is impressive, and Choi Tae-hoon is the leader of the all-round team on stage and the eldest brother on stage, making her a strong center among the members.

Oh Sung Jun demonstrates versatile digestion and generous stage manners to wear any concept like his own clothes, and Jang Hyun Soo uses attractive tones in the right place for PSY wildcards and the final It brought out the acclaim of JY Park. Kouki, the youngest member of the team, succeeded in the final merging with the brilliant ability of Crump and the chemistry that often intersects with other members. All seven proved their worth during the broadcast.

P NATION's first idol group, which has completed preparations as a completed boy group, will continue to prepare to meet fans in the song world instead of "LOUD". Immediately after the end of "LOUD", the personal profile pictures of seven people were released on Official SNS, making a new start. This profile picture, with its simple visuals, ranked in the real-time trends of Twitter in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as South Korea.

Official SNS, which publishes various contents of P NATION's first idol group, including profile pictures, constantly entered the real-time trend of Twitter during the "LOUD" broadcast period, confirming their global potential.

It will be interesting to see what kind of story P NATION's first idol group, born through "LOUD", will write in the song world based on its unique color and passion.

Published : 2021/09/14 14:56 KST

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