Actress Park Shin Hye “Since being in my thirties, there have been so many good changes”
Actress Park Shin Hye, movie comeback "#Alive," revealed her impression of being in her thirties.

Park Shin Hye was featured in online production briefing session of the movie "#Alive" that took place on the 27th and introduced the role and attracted attention.

She played the role of Yubin, who said, "I'm a person who is far from sociable. I'm a person with a strong defense system, so I am suitable for isolation. There are many scary things I want to give up, but for myself "Actual Park Shin Hye is closer to the side of Junu (the person in the play Yu A In)," she said.

On the other hand, “I didn't think there was a lot of action at the beginning. I felt the action after a long breath,” she said, “an activity that is completely different from what I have shown so far. In addition, it stimulated expectations.

Also, on this day, Park Shin Hye said, “In my thirties, there are a lot of changes in my mood. Now that I meet Yu A In, I can feel the change in one step. I spent all day and night. " Park Shin Hye was born in 1990 and is now 30 years old.

The movie "#Alive'' is people who were isolated in the apartment alone disconnected from Wi-Fi, messenger, and telephones, while people with unexplained symptoms began to attack and fell out of control. It is a survival thriller movie.

Yu A In plays the role of Junu who hides all over the house by blocking their doors and avoiding invasions, whose cause and identity are unknown, while Park Shin Hye stays calm in a situation where he cannot leave the house. Yubin plays another survivor. Movie will be released next month in Korea.

2020/05/28 21:45 KST