Ku Hara's order brother talks about the sadness of the "Ku Hara Law" being stalled, "I wanted to die and it was full of regrets"
Older brother of girl group "KARA" former member, Ku Hara, spoke about the "Ku Hara Law" through information program "New SBS TV Entertainment (original title is Access Showbiz Tonight)".

On the SBS information program “New SBS TV Show” that aired in South Korea on the 27thh, Ku Hara's brother who talked to staff about “Ku Hara Law” was drawn.

On this day, Ku Hara's brother, Ku Ho In, said in the current situation that the "Ku Hara Law" was stalled, "I was so distressed that it could not be passed." He said, "In the beginning, it was too rude. I couldn't even understand that someone who didn't know how my sister lived, in frankness, mourned and greeted her sisters' acquaintances." Ku Hara's mother was mentioned.

In fact, it was said that Ku Hara's mother continued to take extraordinary actions such as taking pictures with celebrities who mourned at Ku Hara's funeral home. In response to this, Ku Hara's elder brother, Ku Ho In, said, "Requested a property inheritance based on the inheritance law." "Ku Hara's mother had never contacted them until the two became adults.

Ku Hara's younger brother then said, "I couldn't imagine so much would be requested considering how much wasnt given to Ku Hara," but said, "Currently, I have prepared a lawsuit. The first trial will be held on July 2nd. "

Then, what about Ku Hara's mother's position? The program staff tried to contact several times, but could not get an answer.

Finally, Ku Hara's younger brother said, "I had many feelings of regret and wanting to die," but said, "Because I acted on the belief that this law should not cause such pain, I would appreciate it if you could support me and watch over me. "

Ku Hara's younger brother expects the 21st Diet will draw attention to whether or not the “Ku Hara Law” is approved.
2020/05/28 23:45 KST