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  • Everyone thought they were happily-married couple ... Lee Dong Gun & Jo Yoon Hee's married life.
Everyone thought they were happily-married couple ... Lee Dong Gun &  Jo Yoon Hee's married life.
Korean actors Lee Dong Gun (39) and Jo Yoon Hee (37) announce their divorce three years after marriage. Shocking as the two were listed as representative of "known to be happily married couple".

What was their process of marriage life throughout their history? From dating life to their marriage, childbirth and divorce?

In May 2017, the two submitted marriage registration and legally became married.

Then in September, a private wedding was held, and in December of the same year, first child, a daughter, was born.

The two of them met on KBS2 TV Series "The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop
". The two who played the role of lovers became "real lovers" in real life and surprised the world. At the time of the broadcast, the story culminated in the obstruction of others and the fruit of love. Many viewers cheered and supported, and the TV Series continued into reality, so the reaction from the surroundings helped speed up dating, getting married, and giving birth in just 7 months.

After getting married, appeared the variety show "My Little Old Boy" in October 2018. They expressed their love for each other generously and drew attention. Since then, came to be called the "Happily-married couple" who represents the Korean entertainment world.

And, in May 2020, announced divorce. The reason for divorce is reported to be "mismatch in personality."

In addition, it was reported that Jo Yoon Hee had custody of the daughter Roa.

Published : 2020/05/28 23:20 KST

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