[Official] Actress  Jo Yoon Hee side acknowledges divorce with actor Lee Dong Gun "Mediation completed"
Korean actress Jo Yoon Hee (37) officially confirmed divorce with actor Lee Dong Gun (39).

Jo Yoon Hee's management office revealed the divorce of the two through official position on the morning of the 28th.

Below is the full official text of the office.

Hello. This is KINGKONG by STARSHIP.
First of all, I am sorry that I am going to give you the bad news.
This is the official position regarding the divorce report of your actress Jo Yoon Hee.

Jo Yoon Hee is pleased to announce divorce from Lee Dong Gun and went through the divorce mediation proceedings at the Seoul Family Court on the 22nd.

Please note that this will be a sudden report to those who celebrate and marry the marriage of the two.

We will do our best to greet Jo Yoon Hee in future activities.
Thank you very much.
2020/05/28 22:29 KST