Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon visits site of Sirim-dong assault incident... Fundamentally re-examines daily safety = Korea
Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hun visited the site of a sexual assault incident on a mountain trail in Sinlim-dong, Gwanak-gu the day before on the 18th. Also it announced that it will install intelligent security cameras.

After visiting the scene of the crime that day, Mayor Oh posted a message on Facebook, saying, "I visited the site of the crime in Sinrim-dong. The fact that a horrific incident has occurred is tragic, and I earnestly hope that the unconscious victim regains consciousness and recovers as soon as possible."

He also emphasized, "As the mayor responsible for the safety of citizens, I am keenly aware of my responsibility. I will fundamentally re-examine daily safety."

Mayor Oh said, "This incident happened in the middle of the day on a mountain trail near my house, not in a dangerous zone."

Subsequently, "A wide range of crime prevention systems must be introduced in blind spots with little traffic," he said, introducing CPTED to alleys, surrounding roads, and promenades, and intelligent security cameras that detect abnormal behavior in advance. and the formation of a TF (task force) for the prevention of indiscriminate crime.

Furthermore, he emphasized, "There are no measures that guarantee 100% prevention at once. We will ensure safety with the mindset of saving each person who may be in danger."

According to the Gwanak Police Station in Seoul, the police were dispatched at around 11:44 a.m. the day before when a climber heard screams for help, and at 12:10 p.m. was arrested.

Choi is accused of beating and sexually assaulting the woman on a mountainside trail about 100 meters from the road that connects the park and the mountains.

The victim was taken to a hospital where she is said to be unconscious.
2023/08/24 09:57 KST