Crime, not rape, Sinarim-dong sexual assault case, complaint by victim's family = South Korea
A woman who was sexually assaulted on a mountain trail in Sinlim-dong, Gwanak District, Seoul has yet to regain consciousness, and her family has called for severe punishment for the incident.

According to SBS on August 18th, the victim, Ms. A, was an elementary school teacher who was about to start school at the time of the incident. As usual, she was exercising on a mountain path leading to the park when she was injured.

Her family held back their tears, saying that she had lived alone in Seoul for more than 10 years and was a supportive and loving person who cared for her family.

Ms. A's older brother said, "My father passed away, my sister lived in Seoul, and we were in Busan."

In addition, after the Sinlim station murder incident on July 21st, the family's worries only increased. Ms. A, who lived in Sinlim-dong, said that the elementary school where she worked was also located in Gwanak-gu, and that she was telling people to be careful.

However, Ms. A's brother said that he learned about the news of his sister six hours after the incident.
After the incident, the police contacted only the mother by phone or email, but she was unable to contact him at the time.

Her family demanded severe punishment, stating that it should not be dismissed as a simple sexual assault case and that "this is not just rape. This is a murder case."

On the morning of the 17th, the suspect (30) assaulted and raped Mr. A while wearing knuckles on both hands on a mountain trail leading to Sinlim-dong Park.

At 11:44 a.m., a climber who heard Ms. A's cries for help called and the police were dispatched, and the suspect was arrested at around 12:10 p.m. Ms. A was taken to the hospital immediately but is in critical condition.

After his arrest, the suspect underwent a breathalyzer test and a simple reagent test, which were negative. The suspect confessed that he committed the crime because he wanted to rape her, and admitted to the charges of sexual assault and injury.

In addition, the suspect found the victim while walking on a mountain trail that he often visited for exercise and committed the crime. Decided. Also, in April of this year, it was revealed that he had purchased knuckles on the Internet for the purpose of rape.

For this reason, the police are proceeding with the investigation, assuming that there is a high possibility that the suspect planned the crime in advance.

According to police, the suspect is unemployed and lives with his parents. The suspect's family stated, "He had received treatment for depression at a hospital, but had not been treated."

The police are planning to check the suspect's medical records, etc., and applied for an arrest warrant for the suspect on suspicion of rape on the 18th.
2023/08/24 09:28 KST