“Together Democratic Party” Gyeonggi Branch Holds Memorial Service for Former Conscripted Workers at Sado Gold Mine in Japan
The Gyeonggi-do branch of the Democratic Party of Korea held a memorial service for former forced laborers at Japan's Sado Gold Mine on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of Liberation Day.

According to the Gyeonggi branch of the Democratic Party of Japan, the visit to Sado Gold Mine was prepared to commemorate the former forced laborers and to denounce Japan's distortion of history ahead of its registration as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site on the 16th. Provincial branch chief Lim Jeong-sook, Ahn Min-seok, National Assembly lawmaker Yang Jong-sook, and 45 party members attended the memorial service.

Provincial branch chief Lim Jong-seon said, "Japan is trying to register the Sado gold mine, which was a site of forced labor for Koreans during the colonial era, on the UNESCO list by distorting its history. I bow before the wandering souls of our Korean workers and apologize."

He went on to say, "I will never allow even one shaku of land or even a single blade of grass to survive from outside interference. I will achieve liberation," he vowed.

In addition, Rep. Ahn Min-seok said, "What we want is the universal value of mankind. The Japanese government should reconsider whether Japan's act of registering the Sado Gold Mine as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is consistent with the values of peace and human rights." Rep. Yang Jong-sook also raised his voice, saying, "It's time for us to join forces and embark on a movement to restore human rights so that the sacrifices of the war dead are not in vain."

It is recorded that more than 1,500 Korean workers were forced to work at the Sado Gold Mine during the Japanese colonial period.
2023/08/17 12:34 KST