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  • Kim Jong Eun inspects 'munitions factory' again "Raise missile production capacity dramatically" =North Korea
Kim Jong Eun inspects 'munitions factory' again "Raise missile production capacity dramatically" =North Korea
North Korean leader Kim Jung Eun visited major munitions factories, including a tactical missile production factory, ahead of joint U.S.-South Korea exercises, and ordered an increase in weapons production capacity.

According to North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on August 14th, General Secretary Kim will visit a tactical missile production factory, a tactical missile launcher production factory, a combat armored vehicle production factory, and a large-caliber controlled-launch artillery project on the 11th and 12th. provided local guidance to production plants, etc.

Kim said, "Our armed forces are thoroughly equipped with overwhelming military strength and solid readiness to deal with any war at any time, so that the enemy does not have the will to use force. and if it approaches, we must destroy it without fail."

The Korean Central News Agency said, "General Secretary Kim has set an important goal for the tactical missile production factory to dramatically increase the missile production capacity and to produce on a large scale to meet the formation and operational planning needs of the front line forces and missile units."

Kim's visit to a munitions factory was held for the first time in six days, following the 3rd to 5th, ahead of US-South Korea joint exercises. There is also the view that the move may have been made with arms exports to Russia in mind.

Published : 2023/08/15 12:10 KST

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