"Students can ride on the bus" Parents return 300 drinks to bus driver
A story was reported about a bus driver in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea, who allowed a junior high school student who could not pay his fare to board the bus, after which the student's parents returned the favor by sending drinks to the bus company.

According to Chuncheon City and Chuncheon Citizen Bus on August 11th, middle school student A took bus number 3 to go to cram school on the 4th at around 10:40 am. However, the card was not recognized by the bus fare electronic payment device, and A learned that the card did not have a transportation card function.

When A thought about it for a while and was about to get off the bus, the driver, Mr. Kim Si-won, said, "It's okay." Under the regulations, the bus fare must be paid by bank transfer or get off, but he took into consideration the fact that A was a student.

A, who had memorized the bus number, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Kim Siwon on the bulletin board of the Chuncheon Citizen Bus homepage after returning home that day. Also, A's parents sent 300 drinks to Chuncheon City Bus.

Chuncheon Citizen Bus said, "We will do our best so that citizens can use the city bus safely and comfortably," even though they were surprised by the sudden delivery of drinks.

Kim Si-won said, "Thank you for giving me such a big gift for such a small thing."
2023/08/14 11:48 KST