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  • Son dies of heat stroke after scattering father's ashes in the scorching heat
Son dies of heat stroke after scattering father's ashes in the scorching heat
A man in Texas died of heat stroke after scattering his father's remains in a national park in Utah, which is famous for its desert.

According to CBS News and other foreign media, James Bernard Hendricks (66) from Texas was found dead on August 1st in Arches National Park, Utah.

Earlier, he revealed on Facebook that he was traveling to the West to dispose of his father's ashes. He also uploaded the process of traveling with a post titled "The last trip with his father."

"I plan to enter Arches National Park at dawn to avoid traffic and get the best photos," James said on July 28th. This was his father's favorite place while he was alive.

And this is the last post. Park officials said James' the body was found near the Sand Dune Arch on Saturday next to an empty bottle of mineral water.

An official added, "James tried to scatter his father's ashes, but it seems that he died of heat stroke because it was too hot."

"He probably died after being disoriented and lost in the heat, dehydration and high altitude," the family said. At the same time, he added, "It was also revealed that he was taking blood pressure medicine that causes dehydration."

According to media reports, the temperature was over 37.8 degrees Celsius when Hendricks visited the national park. In particular, some areas in the national park are desert topography without trees and shade, so it is presumed that the sensible temperature was even higher.

On the other hand, the United States continues to break the all-time high temperature record in July, and there are warnings that it will be even hotter.

Published : 2023/08/14 11:48 KST

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