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  • North Korea steal more than 240 billion yen in virtual currency last year
North Korea steal more than 240 billion yen in virtual currency last year
The amount of cryptocurrency stolen by North Korea last year was estimated to be more than 240 billion yen.

According to Reuters on August 10th (local time), an expert panel of the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea said in a report submitted to the Security Council that "North Korean hackers committed 1.7 billion cyber thefts last year. It is estimated that the dollar broke the previous record."

"North Korean hackers have been reported internationally to continue to be successful in attacks aimed at cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments," they continued, "Hackers from the North Korean Reconnaissance General Bureau have stolen funds and information. They are using more and more sophisticated cyber technology to steal."

The panel of experts has so far said, "(Foreign) virtual currency, defence, energy, and health companies are among the targets," and "North Korea has approached the financial system and is conducting illegal financial operations."

They also accused North Korea of stealing cryptocurrencies and using them to fund its nuclear weapons and missile development.

"North Korea has continued to illegally export coal and has used various means of evading sanctions through ships to import refined oil products into North Korea," the expert panel said.

"North Korea has closed most of its borders, but the scale of trade has increased due to the resumption of rail traffic, so we will continue to investigate North Korea's illegal imports of luxury goods," it said.

Regarding the suspicion that North Korea exported military communications equipment and ammunition, it said it was investigating the possibility of trading arms and other military aid to other (UN) member states.

The report is due to be released in the coming weeks, and the commission submits reports to the Security Council twice a year.

Published : 2023/08/12 12:41 KST

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