The South Korean presidential office dismisses reports of President Yoon Seok-yeol's July visit to Ukraine... "Inaccurate''
South Korea's presidential office has dismissed reports by foreign media regarding President Yoon Seo-gyul's visit to Ukraine in July.

A central official of the President's Office met with journalists at the Yongsan Presidential Office this afternoon and stated that, in relation to Japanese media reports on President Yun Seok-yue's attendance at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ('NATO') summit and a possible visit to Ukraine, he considered the reports to be 'inaccurate'.

The official said, "There have been many cases of confusion between Japan and South Korea due to reports that differ from the facts or distort or exaggerate some facts. I think we should keep in mind that it may have the effect of slowing down the process of maintaining a relationship of trust."

On the other hand, Japanese media quoted multiple Japanese government officials on the same day, saying that President Yoon Seok-yeol is coordinating his attendance at this year's NATO summit, and there is a possibility that he will visit Ukraine before or after this schedule.
2023/05/26 13:18 KST