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  • Another street attack on the New York underground: 'Victim, paralysed below the neck'.
Another street attack on the New York underground: 'Victim, paralysed below the neck'.
Another crime has been committed on the New York City underground system in the USA, where a woman was attacked by a man she did not know.

According to local media such as the New York Times on May 24th (local time), New York police arrested Kamal Samrade (39) on suspicion of attempted murder the day before at a homeless rest area near Queens Laguadia Airport.

On the 21st, a man in his 30s grabbed the head of a woman in her 30s who had gotten off with him at a subway station in Manhattan, and pushed her toward a departing train with all his strength, injuring her.

The victim suffered a severe cervical fracture, damaging four major blood vessels. Authorities say the victim is now paralyzed below the neck and is at risk of having a stroke and dying.

Although the perpetrator's motives for committing the crime have not been clarified, it is presumed to be one of the recent increasing numbers of indiscriminate violence on the New York subway. In New York, the number of incidents in which mentally unstable homeless people assault subway passengers for no reason has increased since the coronavirus pandemic, and it has become a problem.

The perpetrator of this incident was also confirmed to be a person who has lived in the Queen's Homeless Rest Area for two years.

Authorities did not release the victim's identity, but a fundraising page has been set up on the online fundraising site GoFundMe. According to the page, the victim is an immigrant woman from Turkiye.

Published : 2023/05/25 12:51 KST

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