Samsung to switch default search engine to 'Google' for now: South Korea report
Samsung Electronics recently decided not to change the default search engine used on smartphones from 'Google' by Google to 'Bing' by Microsoft.

Earlier, the company hinted at the possibility of making changes to the search engine demanded by smartphone users. Internally, there were concerns about Google's dependence on software, and it seems that there was an opinion that it was necessary to diversify software suppliers.

The theory of this change surfaced when MS started this year and applied interactive artificial intelligence (AI) "Chat GPT" to search for "Bing". However, after this, Google announced an interactive AI service "Google Bard" to compete with "Chat GPT". Samsung Electronics said it suspended internal discussions because of its current relationship with Google, the level of generative AI, and the announcement of the "Google Bird."

Samsung Electronics shipped about 260 million smartphones last year, accounting for one-fifth of global shipments, according to Hong Kong-based research firm Counterpoint Research. The company has adopted "Google" as the default search engine for its smartphone series "Galaxy" since 2010. Google's annual revenue from Samsung Electronics is said to be $3 billion.
2023/05/25 12:51 KST