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  • Aug 05, 2020

#BTS, "earnings last year" is Hot Topic in Korea. ● 1st place, Ed Sheeran, 54 performances 2.58 million mobilization, 220 million dollars ● 2nd place, PINK: 68 performances 1.81 million mobilization, 210 million dollars ● 3rd place, BTS: 42 performances 1.61 million mobilization, $190 million. .. * Ranking of "most earned tour performances" announced in the United States. ..


【Video】#B1A4 Sandeul (SANDEUL), (Summer day Summer night) teaser released. .. ..

Rocket Punch

【Video】[V Official] RocketPunch_ _ x Rooftop Live-RocketPunch_ rooftop live! ..


[D Official jyp] ITZY <Not Shy> TEASER IMAGE #CHAERYEONG TITLE TRACK "Not Shy" 2020.8.17 MON 6PM #ITZY #ITZY ITZY official #MIDZY #MIDZY #NotShy #ITZY _NotShy ..


[T Official] MAMAMOO, [#MOON BYUL] Tuesday is the day MOON BYUL sees 💙 After a while, 10 o'clock Neighbor Now "Oven Girls" We are all Mu Mu 🤍 #MoonByul #Oven Girls.

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