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  • Apr 19, 2021

Information about "(G) I-DLE" and the new song "Last Dance". .. ● The content shooting such as recording and MV was completed in February, and it was scheduled to be released at the end of April. ● In March, Suzy's case became affair, and now we are working with 5 people. ● New song sound source → Correct the composition and lyrics and re-record with 5 people Contents such as photos and making → Edit to maximum 5 people MV → Suzy's appearance will be re-edited to the minimum and released


At the Seoul Performing Arts High School, when "APRIL" Naeun was attending, it was famous that Naeun was taking the lead in bullying Hyunjoo, which spreads among Korean internet users. .. ..

Ham SoWon

Actress Ham So Won, who dropped out of the program due to "suspicion of doing it", instructed a small number of enthusiastic fans to operate the media in a group talk. .. ● Instructed reporters to send protest emails to criticized articles in a certain media. Ham: I would be grateful if you could send an email to Reporter A. Reporter B calls me a terrible villain. Reporter C should report to YouTube. I'm making money by increasing the number of clicks about me ... ● While announcing that he had dropped out of home shopping himself, he complained of regret in front of the fans and invited the customer center to call a protest. Fan A: He said there was no reason to buy it without Ham So Won. Fan B: You should ask Sowon to be on the show, right? Ham: Thank you.


"DJ DOC" Lee Ha-Neul, who lost his younger brother, "XXX you killed" to the member. ● Lee Ha-Neul's younger brother passed away due to a heart attack on Jeju Island. ● Member Kim Chang-ryul mourned on SNS, "Rest in Peace, friends, I wish you happier in the sky." ● Lee Ha-Neul is "selfish in this photo !!" "this XX" "devil XX".

Shin Min A

Kim WooBin & _Shin Min A, Hot Topic said that the photos posted on SNS are dating. .. ● Kim Woo Bin posted a photo with Konoha emoji on 4/17. ● Shin Min A posted similar pictograms and photos with the comment "willingness to take" on 4/18 the next day. ● Net users are guessing that it is a love stagram due to the use of similar background locations and pictograms. ..

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