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Sep 15, 2022, [Officialjte] Lim Young Woong_ Recognized as a true fan ~ Lim Kang-ho's star birth 2nd episode | JTBC 220914 Broadcast

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Sep 14, 2022, [Official jte] [Highlight] Trot stage with advice from Jang Min Ho 🔥Who is the re-debut star who dreams of Lim Young Woong_ ? | A Star Is Born 2nd | JTBC 220914 Broadcast.

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Sep 14, 2022, [Official jte] Lim Young Woong_ Chimpan Certification~👍 Lim Ganghoster, who sews alcohol to TMI, is born twice | JTBC 220914 broadcast.

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Sep 08, 2022, "SeoulTV Series Awards 2022", winners were announced. .
● Korean Drama TV Series Actor Award: Kim Sung Ho
● Korean Drama TV Series Actress Award: JISOO (BLACKPINK)
● OST Award: Lim Young Woong (KBS TV Series "Gentleman and Lady" OST "Love Always Runs Away")
●Asia Star Award:
China → Zhong Hanliang
Japan → Yusei Yagi (FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE)
Thailand→Krit Ammuai Da Chakorn Philippines→Bel Mariano
Taiwan→Ke Jia Tian
●Korea TV Series Award: "Red Sleeve" and "Now our school is..."

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Sep 08, 2022, [Official jte] [Trot Special] Trot junior Lim Young Woong & Lee Chang Won JTBC 220902 broadcast.

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Jul 27, 2022, [Official mnk] [TMI NEWS SHOW / 23 times] A large number of people who stole the hearts of sisters nationwide! What was Lim Young Woong_ 's unimaginable first half sales? !! #TMINEWSSHOW I EP.23 | Mnet 220727 Broadcast.

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Jun 29, 2022, [Official mnk] [19th] Trot-version of BTS! What is the part-time job of Hero Lim Young Woong_ that has become the "Unji Pilgrimage" course? Mnet 220629 broadcast

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Jun 27, 2022, [Official mbk] [Beloved Fan Cam] LIM YOUNG-WOONG --RAINBOW (Lim Young Woong_ --Rainbow) Close-up Cam | Show! MusicCore | MBC 220625 broadcast.

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Jun 25, 2022, [Official mbk] [Entertainment Institute] LIM YOUNG-WOONG --RAINBOW (Lim Young Woong_ – Rainbow) FanCam | Show! MusicCore | MBC 220625 broadcast.

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Jun 25, 2022, [Official mbk] [Entertainment Institute] Lim Young-woong --RAINBOW (Lim Young Woong_ – Rainbow) FanCam (Horizontal Ver.) | Show! MusicCore | MBC 220625 broadcast.

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