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Jan 19, 2019, The dissolution theory is the younger sister of the topic EXID, preparations for debut. Kim Na Young of PRODUCE 48 former member also. .

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Jan 12, 2019, AKB 48 KOJIMA MAKO, graduation announced. .
● Appeared on PRODUCE 48, many Korean fans.
● The ability of dancing is highly appreciated in Korea.

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Jan 12, 2019, Riyo Shihara 's SNS for NGT 48 incident. Also translated into Korean, PRODUCE 48 praised as "courageous behavior" from fans. .

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Jan 10, 2019, Case of NGT 48 Yamaguchi Maho. YAMADA NOE and Hasegawa Rena of PRODUCE 48 former member belong to this group, so the degree of interest in Korea is also high. Seven elements that Korean fans think "this is strange".
● Two men tried to enter the entrance of the room, but escaped by herself: Are they using "single room" for each member in Japan?
● A man came out of a member's room living in the same apartment: Were there "enemy" who were involved in the incident in the members?
● "Victim" was activated together with a member who claimed to be a "participant" for a month: In Korea either "victim" or "participant" quit the activity.
● Stakeholders saying "paranoia" to the victims: Is there anyone to activate the members of "paranoia" for one month?
● Live broadcast stopped : Is the operation side giving the distribution rights to "paranoia"?
● Focus on Japan's report "the excess of fans": Well? "participant" vs "paranoia" is not the focus?
● The operation side still does not make an Official announcement: Although it is a case a month ago. . If this case happened in Korea, About 30 times of "Official position" would be issued. .

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Jan 10, 2019, AKB48 Takahashi Shuri, reason why "Hawaii" is good in Korea. .
● PRODUCE 48 former member. Regrettably I could not join IZONE.
● "Egg" is nicknamed and loved in Japan and Korea.
● In addition to "talent", the arts are "various". . "Talented color"?

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Jan 10, 2019, AKB48, PRODUCE 48 "Taking a sight" in former member TAKEUCHI MIYU, Korea. .

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Jan 09, 2019, Korean PRODUCE 48 fans are paying attention to the exposure contents of NGT 48 Maho Yamaguchi . .
"I was attacked by two men when my performance finished and I came home last month"
"A man was taught from a certain member about home return time after the performance"
"A man taught a room from a certain member"
"A certain member cheered him up to go to my room"
"Two men attacked at the entrance of my room entrance, I seemed to be pushed down"
"I escaped my room just before being locked in the room"
"One of the men came out of the room of the member living in the same apartment"

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Jan 09, 2019, PRODUCE 48 YAMADA NOE and Hasegawa Rena's worried voice from Korean fans. NGT48 Maho Yamaguchi, contents of exposure. .
● In December 2018, Yamaguchi returned home Niigata city.
● When trying to close door, a man tried to get in.
● The police arrested two men for acts such as grasping at Yamaguchi's face.
● Both are 25 years old. Unemployed and male college students. "I wanted to talk with Ms.Yamaguchi, I did not expect to become a thing." After that, no charges were held and they were released.
● Yamaguchi thought the 2 men were related to other members of NGT48 and exposed at SNS.
● Yamaguchi claims that "operation office is interfering with this exposure"

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Jan 09, 2019, NGT 48 Yamaguchi Maho, topics in Korea. PRODUCE 48 former member YAMADA NOE and Hasegaw Rena belonging to NGT48, are worried about.

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Jan 08, 2019, "Japanese Korean authorized egg" AKB48 TAKAHASHI JURI sings BLACKPINK JENNIE "Solo" of the original song. . PRODUCE 48 former member

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