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Nov 09, 2019, "The father of PRODUCE" Ann PD, the actual situation of entertainment is being reported.
-Beginning in January 2018, season 3 "PRODUCE48" preparation time.
● From the trainee's management office at the “Room Salon” in Seoul Gangnam. A luxury liquor store with private rooms for women ● In July 2019, there will be dozens of entertainment until PRODUCEX101 is over. Over 100 million won (about 10 million yen). .

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Nov 08, 2019, PRODUCE48, who entered the “Debut Team” when corrected?
● The PD in charge of arrest was confessed. “The final ranking was already decided before the final live broadcast.”
● The actual number of votes for “Final Live Broadcasting” has been confirmed by the Korean police through a home search.
● The names of Lee Ga Eun, MIYAZAKI MIHO, TAKEUCHI MIYU, SHITAO MIU and SHIROMA MIRU are said to be Tei. . .

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Nov 08, 2019, Is IZONE's new album “BLOOM * IZ” serious?
● The voting operation of “PRODUCE48” was reported, and the postponement of the release was announced.
● If it is a normal release postponement in Korea, it will not be canceled and will wait for a new release date
* Canceled at an unusual speed this time. Serious conditions have been rumored, including re-recording.

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Nov 07, 2019, PRODUCE48, if there was no “voting operation” in the final episode, there was a possibility that there were 5-6 Japanese members of Debut Team “IZONE”. .
● Eight out of 20 finalists in Japanese ● Chart of changes in performance. Pink is within 12th place of "Debut Line" ● MIYAZAKI MIHO, TAKEUCHI MIYU, SHITAO MIU and SHIROMA MIRU are in 12th place just before the final. .

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Nov 07, 2019, PRODUCE 48, voting theory. “Change in ranking” until final live broadcasting is Hot Topic in Korea. .
1st place, Jang Won Young
3rd place, Cho Yuri
4, Choi YENA
5, Ann Yujin
6, Yabuki NAKO
7, Kwon Eun Bi
8, Kang Hye Won
10, Kim CHAE WON
11, Kim MINJOO
12, Lee Chae Young.

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Oct 30, 2019, TAKEUCHI MIYU, active in Korea, Japanese version of “My Type” to release on the 31st. .
● PRODUCE48 former member. I miss IZ*ONE. On October 23rd in Korea, solo song “My Type” was announced.
-A retro confession song that incorporates the sensitivity of the 1980s. Being Hot Topic in Korea with a clean tone and a pure appearance in MV.
● Immediately announce the Japanese version.

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Oct 22, 2019, AKB48 and PRODUCE48 former member TAKEUCHI MIYU announce new songs with perfect Korean pronunciation. .
-"My Type" that reproduces the 1980s.

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Oct 16, 2019, AKB48 former member TAKEUCHI MIYU, release of new song “My Type” in Korea postponed.
-Drop off with PRODUCE48. Until the last round, he was 6th in the IZONE Debut Team. Rumors that it was a victim of fraud since the “PRODUCEX101 final voting theory”.
● After graduating from AKB48, he moved to South Korea and performed by famous composer Yoon Jong Shin.

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Oct 10, 2019, TAKEUCHI MIYU, who appeared in Mnet “PRODUCE48” at the former AKB48, announced “My Type” in the October issue of the monthly Yoon Jong Shin at 6 pm on the 16th. . .

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Aug 21, 2019, PRODUCE48 Appearance contract with Han Chowon and CUBE Enter as an “artist” and preparation for debut. .
● I was contracted as a trainee, but an exclusive contract for the artist was passed by the Board of Directors, which led to this contract.
● Considering the normal debut preparation process and the CUBE entertainment activity cycle, is the possibility of debut within the year low ?!

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