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Oct 10, 2019, TAKEUCHI MIYU, who appeared in Mnet “PRODUCE48” at the former AKB48, announced “My Type” in the October issue of the monthly Yoon Jong Shin at 6 pm on the 16th. . .

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Aug 21, 2019, PRODUCE48 Appearance contract with Han Chowon and CUBE Enter as an “artist” and preparation for debut. .
● I was contracted as a trainee, but an exclusive contract for the artist was passed by the Board of Directors, which led to this contract.
● Considering the normal debut preparation process and the CUBE entertainment activity cycle, is the possibility of debut within the year low ?!

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Aug 15, 2019, PRODUCE48 Starring Huh Yun Jin and Buster 's Hyun So 's video introducing Hotlin Performing Arts High School in English is Hot Topic.
● TWICE Chaeyong & TZUYU graduated from Huh Yun Jin's practical music department.
● Hinso 's performance departments graduated from SHINee TAEMIN, ASTRO Cha EUN WOO, TWICE Dahyun and others.


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Aug 14, 2019, AKB, PRODUCE48 former member Rocket Punch TAKAHASHI JURI, "misunderstanding" can be solved.
● Record popular variety "IDOL ROOM"
● Last week, the teaser edition was broadcast. INFINITE “Old Idol” for Woohyun 's senior. Some fans criticize that it is “sacrifice”
● That night, the main story was on air. We understand the politeness of TAKAHASHI JURI and have a happy ending.

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Aug 09, 2019, AKB, PRODUCE48 former member “Rocket Punch” TAKAHASHI JURI, Korean interview is Hot Topic.
● MC: What is your favorite Korean language?
● TAKAHASHI JURI: “Sweet Potato”
* When she couldn't speak Korean, there were many things she couldn't do even if she tried to express something, and she felt like she was eating Sweet Potato without water. .

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Aug 09, 2019, AKB, PRODUCE48 former member “Rocket Punch” TAKAHASHI JURI, arriving to work, “Music Bank”.

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Aug 07, 2019, Japan-Korea relations are getting worse. The reason why “hope” is not “politics” but “entertainment”.
● Today, AKB, PRODUCE48 former member TAKAHASHI JURI debuted in Korea. Showcase as a member of "Rocket Punch", younger sister group of INFINITE, LOVELYZ and GOLDEN CHILD.
● Reporter: How are you going to make your Korean debut while Korea-Japan relations are bad? If this is a habit problem, have you found a reasonable answer to the activity? ‬
‪ ● MC: It seems like a difficult question to answer. I think it is difficult to answer, but it seems more difficult for young people to ask such questions. Since it is a debut showcase, please ask questions about the album. ‬
‪ ● This situation has been reported, and in Korea, voices of condemnation for “intentions of questions” are spreading.

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Jul 30, 2019, AKB, Produce 48 former member TAKAHASHI JURI A new girls group belonging to Rocket Punch, debut date confirmed on August 7th. . .

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Jul 30, 2019, PRODUCE 48 former member TAKAHASHI JURI A new girls group belonging to Rocket Punch, with their debut date fixed on August 7. .

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Jul 29, 2019, PRODUCE 48 former member TAKAHASHI JURI, released a concept video of Korea debut group "Rocket Punch". .
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