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Oct 03, 2018, Pledis' Lee Ga Eun & Huh Yun Jin who appeared on PRODUCE 48 V LIVE is very popular. Lee Si An appeared as a guest. Released an episode about Japan trip etc. With excellent talk skills, the heart count surpassed 24 million.

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Sep 28, 2018, PRODUCE 48 Kim Do Ah, released pictures. bnt.

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Sep 28, 2018, "Like JBJ and IBI!" PRODUCE 48's falling group YBY, "Debuting solicitation" advertisement appeared.

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Sep 26, 2018, Featuring in new song "Hatsukoi two" of MUSICWORKS practicing student Yun Hesol, singer MJ (Sunny Side) who appeared on PRODUCE 48. It is released on the 26th.

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Sep 07, 2018, PRODUCE 48 KOJIMA MAKO, remarks on SNS are a topic in Korea.
● Confessioning the use of eye tape.
● Negative responses in comments. Japanese fans approve.
● As always "cosmetic surgery great power" Korean fans, praising commitment to "nature". .

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Sep 05, 2018, AKB48 TAKEUCHI MIYU, background of "graduation declaration".
Raised by grandfather in place of father.
● Worried about future, I appeared on "PRODUCE 48"
● My grandfather during second ranking presentation
● Like a "Keio girl" fluent in Korean
● Famous as well raised lively duster by Idol School former member Jang Gyu Ri, Korea trainees etc.
● Durong selection for the position in last song task, stuck to "vocals", rumors among Korean fans that "there is something planned"
● Wants to be a singer-songwriter like Wanna One Lee Daehwi, from PRODUCE 101 fame
● Missed chance to debut in IZONE due to final ranking of 17th on August 31st
● Talking about graduating from AKB48 and monther now
● On September 5th, Individual net live broadcast, announcing "graduation from AKB48"
● Happy being given an "opportunity for a true excitement" with "a competent Korean company"

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Sep 05, 2018, 【Official mnp】 PRODUCE 48, last debut evaluation site behind released. "Thank you for loving producer 48 this far."

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Sep 05, 2018, Miyuki Takeuchi who appeared on PRODUCE 48 announces AKB48 graduation. Drawing attention to what will be of Korean activities.

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Sep 04, 2018, IZONE, born from PRODUCE 48, nine Korean members departure towards Japan. The first group schedule started. On the morning of 4th, Incheon International Airport.

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Sep 03, 2018, 【T Official sta】 Birth from PRODUCE 48 IZONE Anne Yoo Jin & Jang Won Young, How to get over Monday morning blues ... eat delicious food with best friend!

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