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Oct 19, 2017, Fromis_, born from Mnet "idol School", the first reality program "fromis_'s room" Today (19th) first broadcasted from 8:40 pm.

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Oct 11, 2017, Idol School Kim Myungji, the transformation is a topic.
* In 2012, a quadruple girl group "Tiny-G" was formed.
* Member Dohi appeared in the big hit TV series "Respond to the Year 1994", and turned to an actress.
* The group discontinued in 2015. Two members worked mainly in Thailand as a unit "Tiny-G M".
* In 2017, Myeongji entered Idol School alone.

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Oct 04, 2017, Idol School Lee Seo Yeon, released her recent life after the graduation for the first time.
*Fomer YG Trainee member.
* She confessed that she was suffering from the dark circle on her eyes at Idol School. .
* Idol School, 7th in the graduation result, selected as one of the nine members of "fromis"
* Guest appearance on SNS Live of her best friend Shin Shia who missed becoming a member of fromis in 19th place. .

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Oct 03, 2017, Lee Hae In who missed being selected as one of the eleven members of IOI due to the 17th place of PRODUCE 101 and who also missed becoming one of the nine members of Fromis due to the 11th place at Idol School. Her father commented on the net.

* My daughter Lee Hae In who you had given much interest on, I feel regretful that she missed again. Is it because she has lots of missing parts...?
* This is a bit regrettable for us, but my daughter says that if dad posts such a comment, people will be noisy again, so please stop saying anything about it ~
* Other people may also think that it is weird, according to (many voices regretting her failure at) "real time search word" (of the portal site)
* I want her to stop (the way to step into the world of entertainers) already, but she does not listen to what I say very well ~
* Maybe someday she will make the debut as a member of a small and medium girls group, and in such a case please do not forget her but remember.

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Oct 03, 2017, Idol School Song Ha Yeong, updated SNS. A group consisted of 9 Fromis members at the end of the graduation record.

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Oct 03, 2017, Fans of Lee Hae In, raising allegations for a vote cast for "Idol School". "There was duplication, and voting control operation, there is a mismatch with the number of voted certificates, there is evidence material." Lee Hae In became 11th in the final round and did not enter the debut members.

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Sep 30, 2017, Idol School 9th graduate and now a member of fromis _ Jang Gyuri, conditioned reflex. A father is a professional soldier.

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Sep 30, 2017, 【Official mnp】 IDOL SCHOOL 【Final Times】 Who will join at the end? Idol School's final debut members release PART.3 170929 EP.11

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Sep 30, 2017, Idol School, fromis _ members, who will debut within this year.
1, No Ji Seon, Inverse Mike
2, Song Ha Yeong, Peco-chan
3, Lee Saerom
4, Lee Chae Young, JYP former member.
5, Lee Na Kyung
6, Park Ji Woo Hon, JYP former member.
7, Lee Seo Yeon, YG former member.
8, Baek Ji Heon
9, Jang Kyuri

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Sep 30, 2017, Idol School, final grade.
* Lee Hae In, dropped out in 11th place. PRODUCE 101 former member.
* Yu Jinna, dropped out in 10th place.
* Cho Lily, dropped out in 15th place.
* I Si An, dropped out in 16th place.
* Bin Ha Neul, dropped out in 17th place.
* Bae Eun-yong, dropped out at 18th place.

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