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Dec 05, 2018, Full challenge to SHOW ME THE MONEY starring famous rapper "SanE", terrestrial broadcasting station "SBS".
● Today, the video is released to his own SNS channel.
I watched SBS news of the public wave. I truly made a malicious edit (about me).
● Eliminate all the situations there, just put me in a frame of female disgust, and we made "fake news" with public wave news everyone watches. .

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Nov 28, 2018, MICRODOT incident, a new development.
● Show Me The Money former member famous rapper. Parents revealed on reality program, fraud from 20 years ago, found abroad
● 'Aunty' who was a victim also visited parents' home in New Zealand. Repayment refused
● Interview that it was told that "Because we struggled abroad, I think we compensated for this sin." Oil to a fire, public opinion worsened
● Korean police announced that they requested "RED arrangement" from "international police" Interpol.

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Nov 27, 2018, Show Me The Money Starring rapper Dok2, history of "Me Too".
● Appeal of damage of 10 million won (about 1 million yen) 16 years ago on the net ● Dok2 on 26th: My mother has never run away, and if my 10 million won is my one month's revenge. (People who claimed damage) made a mistake in choosing the other party.
● 27th Dok 2: In 2002, my mother's restaurant bankrupted. I borrowed 10 million won on my paycheck. I noticed myself as an article. Last night, in contact with the victim, we assumed moral responsibility, promised repayment and agreed today.

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Nov 22, 2018, A case where a son became a celebrity and a fraud 20 years ago "a night flight" was discovered. New deployment. .
In 1998, a couple who raised about 2 billion won (about 200 million yen) of fraud to their friends, immigrated to New Zealand shortly after the incident.
● Korean police investigated but "aborting indictment" due to circumstances while going abroad
● Their son appeared SHOW ME THE MONEY and grew to famous rapper MICRODOT.
● Their son's dating with actress Hong Soo Hyun's is also a topic.
● The son appeared on real program, the state of New Zealand home visit is on air.
● Victims who confirmed the couple's face on the program reported to the police.
● Korean police announced that the couple will proceed with repatriation of the couple by 'criminal handover agreement'.
● The rumor that "the couple is selling the house and trying further escape" is spreading in the Korean internet. .

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Nov 21, 2018, Mr. Rapper MICRODOT acknowledging the "night flight" fraud case of parents 20 years ago, a new controversy after apology. .
● Parents interview with the Korean media in New Zealand ● "If there is a problem to grasp the situation and apologize if there is a problem apology", "Solve if there is a problem to solve" "It takes 2-3 weeks to make a passport until entry to Korea "
● MICRODOT appeared in SHOW ME THE MONEY 4 in 2015, a mother discovered that he was entering Korea with a New Zealand passport to watch his son's real competition ● The fact that the older brother SANCHEZ himself / herself added to the SNS I was writing.
● "Parents will dispose of New Zealand real estate in two to three weeks" "I will not reply to lag behind in order to delay entry," "The victims 'sons are different from their brothers' "It is crazy" "The son of the perpetrator is doing what to do" "The poor thing is not MICRODOT but lover actress Hong · SooHyun" It is a big controversy

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Nov 21, 2018, SHOW ME THE MONEY rapper MICRODOT, apologizes.
● Announced legal action against parents, not knowing that "night flight" overseas was due to a huge fraud from 20 years ago that also caused secondary damage.
I think that I am responsible as a son.
● I would like to meet each of the victims and listen to their stories.

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Nov 20, 2018, A controversial incident of "unprecedented" in Korea. "Night flight" fraud suspects television appearance on his son's program, the history that the past was discovered.
● Suspect couple who cheated 2 billion won (about 200 million yen) in South Korea in 1998 and immigrated to New Zealand at the end of the "night flight" ● Son's MICORODOT returned to Korea and grew into a famous rapper with SHOW ME THE MONEY starring .
● MICORODOT appeared in the real program "Urban fisherman" and the face of suspected couple was exposed to television at New Zealand's parents' home visit ● MICORODOT himself revealed himself owned a house equivalent to 1.9 billion won in New Zealand ● The victims MICRODOT not familiar with the circumstances at a young age complies with the "spreading out hoaxes and libeling and accusing." ● Angry victims gathered, police investigation 20 years ago The material is released. Status of discontinuation of indictment due to overseas migration ● Although there was a view that "aging was established" after 20 years, if the suspect who stopped indictment is staying abroad, it is Korean law not to include in the prescription. The possibility of requesting handover of criminals from New Zealand as well ● "What sin is my son being lost?" Vs "Let my son study to a prestigious New Zealand university with criminal proceeds and become a famous entertainer Since my son also has obligation to repay it morally "a controversy broke out ● Spy even to actress Hong Soo Hyun in a relationship. Appeared on the real program "urban fisherman" together. A famous actress who also appeared in the era TV series "Princess' s Man" also aired in Japan. .

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Nov 20, 2018, SHOW ME THE MONEY former member popular rapper MICRODOT, ripples in parents' fraud and night escape theory. .
● Famous for dating with actress Hong · SooHyun that appeared on TV Series "Princess' Man" More popular with real program "City fisherman" starring ● Visited parents of New Zealand parents at program ● 20 years ago, parents moved from Korea The victims just before realize it

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Nov 07, 2018, Rapper EK, using Utada Hikaru's "Too Proud (L1 Remix)" song appeared on Mnet "SHOW ME THE MONEY 777" as a rapper.

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Nov 03, 2018, 【Official mnp】 "SHOW ME THE MONEY 777" 9th semi final 181102 EP.9

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