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Oct 08, 2019, "Crime is detected on the program" Microdot parents, the declaration is released.
● The father was imprisoned for 3 years, and the mother was imprisoned for 1 year. ● In 1998, 20 years ago, the couple left the villagers for 2 billion won and ran away at night. Immigration to New Zealand.
● A son who grew up in New Zealand returned to Korea and performed as a rapper microdot and performed as SHOW ME THE MONEY. TV Series "Princess Man" Actress Hong SooHyun.
● In November 2018, the LIA program that Microdot appears in is a local location in New Zealand. The true identity of the couple was discovered when he visited his home in Microdot. Victims who have lived poorly for 20 years have been enraged after news of their residence life.
● In April 2019, reconciliation was made in compensation for many victims. The couple returned to Korea and arrested after the damage was reduced to 400 million won.
● The judgment of the first trial today.

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Sep 28, 2019, [G Official] VIXX Ravi,-
Hassle-free dominance

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Sep 11, 2019, Crime discovery of “unprecedented” on LIA Le program. rapper's father was sentenced to 5 years in prison.
● In 1998, a couple running a ranch in Korea “run away at night” to New Zealand. Damage of 2 billion won in the neighborhood.
● My son who grew up in New Zealand returned to Korea. He has appeared in “SHOW ME THE MONEY” as rapper MICRODOT. TV Series Dating with actress Hong SooHyun who is famous in Japan for "Princess Man". Together with the fishing LIA Le program "Urban fisherman" appeared.
● An overseas fishing trip to New Zealand on this LIA Le program. The home of MICRODOT.
● At this time, parents are shown on the program. Korean victims who have been forced to live poorly 20 years ago have been watching the program.
● Korean police arrange red for parents at Interpol. My son, MICRODOT.
● Parents returned to Japan for the first time in 20 years and arrested when 8 of the 14 accused settled and the remaining damage decreased to 400 million won. .
● The trial started with the father arrested and the mother released after arrest. Today, the prosecutor demands "five years in prison" for his father and "three years in prison" for his mother.
● Judgment is October 1st.

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May 24, 2019, YG, Mnet's show "SHOW ME THE MONEY" counter?
-YG Entertainment is producing the program "My specialty is hip hop"-The rival game between the university hip hop clubs-MINO (WINNER), Zion. T etc. appeared. . .

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Apr 03, 2019, Rapper Survival program "SHOW ME THE MONEY 8" broadcasts this summer. Recruitment of applicants starts from 4th. The recruitment period is from April 4th to May 3rd.

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Mar 12, 2019, Mnet "SHOW ME THE MONEY" Season 8 finalized. Teaser video released. Recruitment of applicants started from next month 4th. .

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Jan 15, 2019, SHOW ME THE MONEY appearance rapper MICRODOT., Unheard of "parentage crime discovery with variety appearance" after that. .
● My parents are in touch with the victim for reconciliation "overseas night flight 20 years ago." Condition is "repayment of principal"
● The victims said that "parents first apologize"
● Actor Hong · SooHyun is a breakthrough

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Dec 06, 2018, 【Full text translation】 The rapper SAN E of 'Feminism affair', exclusive contract is over.
● SHOW ME THE MONEY famous rapper appeared. Teaser new songs to criticize feminism (women's rights movement).
- On the 2nd, "Brand New Year 2018" concert of singer 's total appearance of management office. The feminist fans strongly protested, throwing things on stage. SAN E criticized feminist immediately.
● SAN E announces new songs on 3rd. There is no change to content that ironically feminism ● Management office apologizes on 4th. However, unlike the office, SAN E makes public a video of the concert scene and declares "to take legal action".
● On Sunday, SAN E who got angry at the broadcasting station SBS's attack attacked SBS as "fake news".
● On 6th, exclusive contract with management office "Brand New Music" ends ※ The following is a direct translation of the official announcement of the office.

Today, I will tell you that the exclusive contract with SAN E has ended.
After deep discussion with SAN E, we mutually agreed to terminate the exclusive contract.
Thank you very much for SAN E and the fans who have been together.
※ The photo is a slogan that ridiculates SAN E on the day of the concert. "Ugly, SAN E" sarcastic expression. .

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Dec 06, 2018, TV Series "Princess' Man" Actress Hong · SooHyun, "Public affair of the boyfriend", the first public place.
● Today, I will participate in Seoul 's production presentation of "Seoul Mate 2" ● In July this year, a famous rapper MICRODOT at Show Me the Money and open love affair of "12 year old younger" ● My boyfriend is a real New Zealand family home location Appear on the program. My boyfriend 's parents' face is exposed. Fraud 20 years ago "Night flight" Discovered overseas escape.
● In this incident the Korean entertainment industry 'Be Too' storm began. .
※ "BE TOO" is a new word for confessing that money received from family members of celebrities was damaged. Because the entertainer himself is not a party, there are no legal repayment obligations, but various measures are being taken.
* It is derived from last year's new word · buzzword "ME TOO"

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Dec 05, 2018, SHOW ME THE MONEY Starring rapper SAN E.
● Korea recently boomed of feminism (women's rights movement) ● On Sunday, SAN E criticized feminists during the concert. The feminists during the fight protest at ease
● SAN E announces new songs on 3rd. Sarcastic content of feminism
● Management office apologizes on 4th. However, SAN E released video of the concert scene and declared "to take legal action".
● On Sunday, SAN E who got angry at the broadcasting station SBS's attacked SBS as "fake news".
● "If I did not publish the on-site video, I should have just been a rapper of female disgust." "My argument is equality of both sexes." "It will be understood in the video, but the reason why the feminists received sexual harassment is me" To those who throw things in the playing field or do personal character blasphemy, take legal measures hard."

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