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Dec 14, 2021, V (BTS), Instagram followers "1 million" & "10 million" reached Guinness in the shortest possible time. .. ..

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Dec 14, 2021, V (BTS) is listed in the Guinness World Records. Certified that Instagram followers have exceeded 1 million and 10 million in the shortest period of time. V opened Instagram on the 6th, with more than 1 million followers 43 minutes later and 10 million followers 4 hours 52 minutes later. .. ..

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Dec 13, 2021, V (BTS), a sepia-colored photo posted with the comment "1921" on Hot Topic. .. ..

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Dec 13, 2021, V (BTS) _'s biggest fan club in China "Baidu Vbar", support scale to celebrate the 30th birthday is Hot Topic. ..
● Seoul ・ Established a private zone at the “Sinchon Christmas Street Festival” held in Sinchon. ..

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Dec 10, 2021, V (BTS) returned to Korea from Incheon Airport yesterday afternoon (9th). Airport fashion is also Hot Topic. .. ..

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Dec 10, 2021, V (BTS) ranked 16th on Instagram "Influencer Top 1000". Announcing Hype Auditor, an AI-based influencer marketing platform. .. ..

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Dec 08, 2021, Respond to Netflix KOREA, V (BTS) _'s "Squid Game" parody photo. ..
● Hello?
Where are you playing squid games?
Would you please take me too? ..

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Dec 08, 2021, V (BTS) has exceeded 20 million followers in just over a day since the opening of Instagram. A new world record for "Celebrities with the most followers within 24 hours". The number of 10 million likes is also the shortest in Asia. .. ..

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Dec 07, 2021, Some fans of V (BTS) _, writing terrorism on JENNIE (BLACKPINK) SNS. ..
● V follows JENNIE on his personal Instagram account.

I noticed a mistake and immediately unfollowed.

After that, some fans of V wrote to JENNIE's SNS and flooded.
"What is your relationship with V?"
"What was your impression of V's interest?" ..

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Nov 24, 2021, Asuka Kijima, who is a weather caster on NTV "ZIP!", Transformed into V (BTS) became Hot Topic in Korea. ..

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