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Jun 23, 2020, "PRODUCE 101" Season 2, the prosecution's investigation is reporting the reason for the conclusion "no suspicion of fraud".
● The trainee consults with responsible producer about not wanting to debut.
● As a result of the vote, the consulting trainee will enter the debut area and perform the operation as he/she desires.
● The prosecution confirmed the trainee's intentions at the time and concluded that they were not a suspect.

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Jun 19, 2020, PRODUCE101's "Hwang aunt" Hwang Insun updates.
● She arrives for a program 'Korean foreigners'
From @YouTube.

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May 13, 2020, Hot Topic said that EXO former members TAO, LUHAN, and KRIS all appeared in the Chinese version of the "PRODUCE 101" series, "Creative Management 2020." ..


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May 09, 2020, Actor Cho Jung Seok, TV Series Hot Topic in Korea is why he was cast into the "wise doctor life".
● The theory that the "PRODUCE 101" theme song "PICK ME" dance has "taste".
● A scene that appeals “I want you to choose your own operating room” on the TV Series. . .

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Apr 12, 2020, Characteristics of recent Korean music programs.
-Korean enka “Trot” audition program influenced by “PRODUCE101” series is very popular.
-Winners "Miss Trot" and "Mr. Trot" appear on music programs.
-For senior viewers, lyrics are to be displayed large only for trot songs even for the same program.

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Mar 31, 2020, PRODUCE101 affair's CJ ENM, this time in "company building studio" new coronavirus affair?
-Three popular programs are suspended for "emergency epidemic prevention"-Super popular program "Surprise Saturday-Doremi Market" is also unusually suspended on April 3-SHINee Key and Girls Day Hyeri and Very popular variety with regular appearance of BlockB PO.

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Mar 17, 2020, IOI former member gugudan Se Jeong mentions the PRODUCE101 voting operation case. Answering the question in the comeback interview ● The incident was wrong, but the situation was sorry. The program itself deals with the dreams of various children. ● The figures of those children working hard to realize their dreams were true.
What is the result, and I want you to look at those children's hearts in another line of sight.

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Feb 07, 2020, Kim CP & Ann PD of the "PRODUCE101" series, and the testimony of the trainee's ranking that he did not want to join the Debut Team the day before the final result announcement was operated and testified. .
-At the first trial on 2/7, two lawyers testified that they accepted the intention of the trainee.
● Dropped trainees who did not intend to make their debut and raised the rank of another trainee.
● It is not selfish or cheating. .

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Feb 07, 2020, Lee Wi Eun, who appeared in "PRODUCE101 Season 2", attended the graduation ceremony of Han Lim Performing Arts Center. . .

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Feb 05, 2020, Mnet launches slogan and brand restructuring.
● Using the slogan “WE ARE K-POP” * The restructuring work will be completed in the first half of the year, aiming to renew the image. . .

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