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Apr 01, 2020, [Official mn2] [Fan Cam] IOI former member Se Jeong, "flower pot" (SEJEONG FanCam) | MCOUNTDOWN_2020.3.26

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Apr 01, 2020, A moment that makes you feel “Spring in Seoul”. .
● IOI former member Kim SoHye is participating in the production announcement of “Contracted Friendship”. .
● Yeouido in Seoul, before KBS.

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Apr 01, 2020, IOI former member Kim SoHye is arriving to work at the “Contract Friendship” production presentation. . .

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Mar 28, 2020, IOI former member WekiMeki Yujeong, "Ability to learn choreography" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● After 10 minutes of practice, you will remember NCT 127's “Hero; Kick It”. .

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Mar 26, 2020, Management office and IOI former member Gyorgyeong of "conflict outbreak", unexpected SNS position statement.
● I don't want to argue further about "right or wrong".
● All you can do is work hard. I want to show you better works for you.
● Thank you for your consideration and hope that the future will be better. .

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Mar 25, 2020, IOI former member Gyeolgyeong, legal dispute. The "turning point of Chinese activities" claimed by management office "PLEDIS" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● Mentor appearance of “Idol trainee” that is said to be the Chinese version of the PRODUCE series
● TV Series “Great Tang woman law doctor” appearance
● PLEDIS says that it has been very successful in China thanks to the company, and it was improper that she notified cancellation of contract .
‪ * These programs are certainly very successful programs in China. ‬

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Mar 25, 2020, IOI, PRISTIN former member Gyeonggyeong, management office and "conflict outbreak". That timeline. .
● September 2019, Gyorgyong notifies management office “Pledis” of release of Exclusive Contract ● February 19, 2020, Pledis litigates against Gyorgyung for “Confirmation of Exclusive Contract” ● March 25, Pledis Disclosed the contents of the dispute and the lawsuit to the media. .

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Mar 22, 2020, [Official sb1] SEJEONG (Se Jeong)-Swim Away Inkigayo inkigayo 20200322

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Mar 17, 2020, IOI former member Se Jeong, about TWICE.
● I am a prolonged character when falling into a slump. Back home, I made my own time. I talked to my mother, but I couldn't resolve it.
● TWICE JIHYO led me to “let's go play”. JIHYO is good at looking on others and friendly.
● I refused, "I can't play even if I go." However, JIHYO said ‪ "If you are alone, let's go together". When we went on a trip, I could switch my mind a little. ‬

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Mar 07, 2020, . . [T Official] IOI former member gugudan Se Jeong SEJEONG, 1st MINI ALBUM [Plant] teaser.
● 2020. 3. 17 6PM (KST)

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