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May 03, 2021, [Official mnk] Top in 5th of APRIL, "NU'EST" with "INSIDE OUT", Encore Stage! (In Full) #MCOUNTDOWN_ | MCOUNTDOWN_ _ EP.707

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Apr 30, 2021, [V Official] [VPICK! This Month's Kurgem] April's Five Picks HANI-Points 🍯 (VPICK! Highlight_ _ s of APRIL)

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Apr 30, 2021, [V Official] [weeek: live 🎞] 2021APRIL_ _ .zip

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Apr 27, 2021, APRIL former member Lee Hyun-joo accused by a net user who claims to be a DSP former employee exposing her private life, "played around with her lover."

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Apr 23, 2021, [Official cjm] [Stone Music PLAYLIST] R & B Playlist ―― 4th weeok of APRIL | Jay Park_ , Sergeant Jaguar, Nieah (Near), LambC (Remushi), Chang Hyun.

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Apr 19, 2021, At the Seoul Performing Arts High School, when "APRIL" Naeun was attending, it was famous that Naeun was taking the lead in bullying Hyunjoo, which spreads among Korean internet users. .. ..

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Apr 18, 2021, #APRIL Naeun, Missed TV Series is Hot Topic in Korea.
● Decided to appear in the TV series "Model Taxi" starring with actor Lee Je Hoon and started shooting.
● Dropped off due to "bullying suspicion" or "school violence suspicion" to former members.
● This TV Series, which actress E Som inherited the role, has a good audience rating, and now that the broadcast until EP4 is over, the audience rating is high at 15.6%. .. ..

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Apr 18, 2021, [Literal Translation 4] former #APRIL Hyunjoo, midnight SNS.

● And I will give my courage to help my brother and acquaintances.
● While experiencing this time, I found that there are many people who are grateful for their support. Every day, I was asked about my safety, and thanks to the people who care about me, I was able to gain strength.
● I also learned that there are many people who suffer from similar wounds to me. The harassment and bullying that was done as a child seems to remain traumatic.
● I don't think everyone in the world can get along well with me, and sometimes I can hate them. However, I don't think violence and bullying can be justified for any reason.
● I think that bullying and harassment should be eliminated for everyone, anywhere.
● Seven years have passed and I am still suffering from the trauma and memory of that time, but I think that I should not give up and live unhappy if I cannot overcome it.
● Therefore, I would like people who have experienced similar pains to see how even victims can overcome their injuries and live a healthy and happy life again.
● I would like to reward those who support me in a way that overcomes this situation.
● Thank you for your support and strength. It gave me great courage.

● Currently, all activities through the company have been suspended, and even new jobs that have entered me have been unilaterally suspended without consulting with me. The company is in a position that the Exclusive Contract cannot be canceled.
● Now, I no longer stay still to protect myself, my family, and my acquaintances.
● I will respond to criminal accusations of the company together with the people who support me.
● It will not be easy, but I will show you how to partition this event well, get out of the painful past, become healthier and brighter, and overcome new things through various activities.

● I hope that April will be a happy and warm time for everyone who read this sentence and for me. Thank you very much.

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Apr 18, 2021, [Literal Translation 3] #APRIL former member Hyunjoo, bullying confession content.

● Only a small part of the content is disclosed to the outside. During those three years I had to suffer endless assaults and rants, harassment, swearing and personal attacks, especially the personal attacks and groundless attacks on my dear grandma, mom, dad and brother. The insult was intolerable.

● The management office just looked on the sidelines knowing these facts and took no action.
● This made me fall into endless darkness and make extreme choices, but they didn't seem to feel any apologies.
● I have to transfer (publicly) the reason why the company unilaterally prepared (withdrawal) and leave the team, and I have to carry the subsequent slander, criticism, and stigma of traitor. did.
● I felt that it was all my mistake to inflict an unwashable wound on my family, so I worked harder and tried to live brighter and more former.
● However, the memory that was painful over time was not easily erased. The dark memories of those days that remained in the corner of my heart seemed to become traumatic and swallow me.
● I had to spend a difficult time not only on me but also on the people around me. In the meantime, the people around me gave me great courage for me, and I've been here.

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Apr 18, 2021, [Literal Translation 2] #APRIL former member Hyunjoo confesses the member's bullying on SNS.
● Bullying began in 2014, when he was preparing for his debut, and continued until 2016, when he left the team. ● I was 17 at the time, and I had to prepare for my debut while living in a dormitory, and I had to spend 24 hours with the perpetrators in an unreliable place.
● I couldn't bear it, and I confessed my suffering to my parents, who told the representative (of the management office), but on the contrary, the situation of scolding me was repeated.
● After the perpetrators were informed of these facts, the harassment of me became even worse.
● The situation got worse, as calls with my parents were only allowed for a short time in front of the manager, and I became smaller and smaller.

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