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Sep 30, 2020, [Literal Translation] #SuperJunior Ryeowook and "TAHITI" former member Ali, who announced a long apology. See below for a literal translation.

● Annyon Haseyo, This is Ali. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and decided to post a sentence to clarify the misunderstanding.
● First of all, the mistakes I have made have hurt everyone's hearts.
● I had a part-time job at a cafe, and I went out first and said that I wanted to decorate it beautifully. I would like to inform you that that person (Super Junior Ryeowook) has never opened a cafe for me and that the profits of the cafe are not my own.

● I think it would have really made me sick to understand the sentences posted on the Internet. I'm really really sorry.

● Also, I have never done a couple ring. The photos that came up (on the net due to the Ryeowook fan controversy) have a similar design, not a couple ring.

● And I didn't make the flowers in the picture of the bouquet of gifts, and there is no doubt that the florist recommended that the flowers were beautiful when I took the lesson.

● I am a believer in Christianity, not a (new religion) "new world" (believers). I'm not the capture woman who came up (on the internet).

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Sep 30, 2020, #SuperJunior Ryeowook, Ali former member of "TAHITI". Two controversies are breaking out due to the discovery of them being in a relationship.
● First of all, the content of the official announcement of the management office. Below, Literal Translation.

Annyon Haseyo, This is Label SJ. Here are some official comments related to Ryeowook's (SUPER JUNIOR) Love Affair Rumors.

As a result of confirmation on both sides, it was confirmed that Ryeowook and Ali spent their time in a close relationship between seniors and juniors, but recently developed into a lover relationship.

Thank you very much.

● Controversy over the new religion "new world"

Ali is currently appearing regularly on the online channel "Tenchi TV" operated by "Shintenchi". A new religious movement that has been criticized for spreading the COVID-19 virus infection in the Daegu region of South Korea.

● Cafe controversy

Fans are angry at rumors that Ali runs a cafe in a building owned by Ryeowook.

● In addition, there are rumors that have little basis, such as the couple ring controversy, the bouquet controversy, and the secret meeting with a male musical actor. ..

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Sep 30, 2020, Ryeowook (SUPER JUNIOR) announces dating with "TAHITI" former member Ali.

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Jul 26, 2018, TAHITI, dissolved for 6 years. A new beginning on each road.

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Dec 16, 2017, TAHITI, "SNS Battle" summary.
* March, the management office: Jisoo was hospitalized due to the deterioration of physical condition , not participating in concert in Japan.
* Dec. 8, Jisoo: Declaration of quitting TAHITI with "panic disorder".
* 15th, Miso: "Just before the performance in Japan, we have lost contact with you (Jisoo). If you want to leave the office, go out fairly with a penalty. "

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Dec 07, 2016, "TAHITI", Musical "THE UNDERDOG" VIP Day.

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