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Jul 06, 2020, "AOA" canceled the appearance of "Wonder Woman Festival" in Seoul September.

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Jul 05, 2020, #AOA former member Kwon Mina's bullying confession. Nailing is Hot Topic in Korea.
● Real program “Channel AOA” broadcast in 2016
● Mina cried, "I just wanted to quit everything and the members contacted me. I was having a hard time because of an illness." ● Jimin was messing with his nails while he was crying by Choa and SEOLHYUN. ..

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Jul 05, 2020, [Literal Translation] #AOA "bullying" incident updates.
● Mina spoke up about the bullying and now Jimin is leaving the group.
● The member “Yukyeon” who left the group in 2016 posted on SNS
● “Everyone looked the same to me at that time” “I can't forget the eyes of the bystanders”
● Yukyeon liked a comment by a fan saying Yukyeon also left the group because of Jimin bullied her and Mina was also acting like nothing happened when you were bullied right?

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Jul 04, 2020, [Literal Translation] #AOA former member #Kwon Mina, Literal Translation of SNS.
● (Jimin was apologized to by me)? Did I apologize? I will say what I want to say before I go.
●What was yesterday? Did you say I did something like that to get me on the right path?
● Did such a person bring a man to the dormitory and xx? The person herself (Jimin) should take the right path. At least don't tell lies.
● You don't want me to apologize until the end and you know you hate me. But what?
● When you come into my house to see me, I'll never forget those eyes.
● Even after dying. (Last night) All the eyes and ears at home, you guys are the same. Jimin, full of fortunes. I'm jealous. Everyone is on the side of Jimin. Jimin won. My loss. I lost after all.

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Jul 04, 2020, #AOA former member #Kwon Mina, one day has passed since the confession and direct attack started. The current situation.
● Yesterday, Mina confessed the pain of being bullied for 10 years on SNS. Directly acttacked Jimin.
● Jimin responeded that it is fiction.
● Mina has released a "proof" of her self-harm.
● Last night, Jimin visited Mina with AOA members.
● This morning, Mina's SNS "I'll try to not make it a any bigger than it has to be"
●In the morning, Mina's management office announces its official position “We value Mina”
● In the afternoon, Jimin SNS "Apologized to Mina". Fixed several times.
● At night, on SNS Mina repulsed, saying "I apologized?"

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Jul 03, 2020, #AOA former member #Kwon Mina, evidence and refutation of “extreme choice” is Hot Topic in Korea.
●Mina claims on SNS Jimin's bullying for 10 years during AOA era, "attack"
●Jimin immediately argued on SNS that it was a “made up story”.
● Mina publishes the photo and reiterates.

* The following is the full Literal Translation of Mina's rebuttal.
● made up?

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Jul 03, 2020, "AOA" former member Choa and Jimin only Hot Topic are not following Instagram. .. ..

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Jul 03, 2020, "AOA" management offices President, paying attention to the way members are called at the time of debut.
● Mina → Shopping mall because I was using a shopping mall fitting model
Yuna → "She played the keyboard" because she sang while playing the keyboard at her audition
● Started calling them by name after they got 1st place.

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Jul 03, 2020, AOA former member Yugyeong, commented on SNS "To be honest, I looked the same at that time. "But I won't quit for the people I love. So I'll say I'm fine until the day I fucking see the light" Like the lyrics of the song I heard yesterday, let's overcome again”.

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Jul 03, 2020, [Literal Translation] AOA former member actress Kwon Mina reveals her past on SNS. Below is the full-text Literal Translation 5.
● But at the end of our last five minutes, I spoke to my sister. At that time it was a wound. At that moment, she looked at me and said, "I don't think she's such a bad woman to say that." And the other members were really courageous to say that your sister was like that. I collapsed and didn't speak, so I thought in my mind, "Are you really a human?" And we said goodbye.

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