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Sep 27, 2021, Lizzy (former AFTERSCHOOL) in contact accident at Drunk Driving, sentenced to 1 year in prison at first trial. .. ..

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Sep 15, 2021, Rigi (former AFTERSCHOOL), Governor of Gyeonggi Province in Gyeonggi Province, who is the most popular candidate for the next president in a statement from the "Female Entertainer Gallery", is sent an ale. ..
● I pushed myself to the edge of the cliff saying "life is over", but I recommend that you change your mind a little. Lee Jae-myung, who had been sentenced to a fine of 1.5 million won for Drunk Driving in the past, is currently ranked number one in the ruling party's approval rating.

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Sep 14, 2021, "Accident in Drunk Driving" _ Rigi (former AFTERSCHOOL), apology Internet users criticize the remarks on the live broadcast. ..
● "I'm sure I was disappointed, but the article came out like that even though the victim wasn't so injured."
● Internet users criticized that "the degree of injury does not matter" and "Drunk Driving itself is a" preliminary murder "." ..

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Sep 14, 2021, “Accident on Drunk Driving” _ Lizzy (former AFTERSCHOOL) apologizes to fans on Instagram. ..
● Are you all happy? Let's all be happy. sorry. I'm really sorry to disappoint you. I am so sorry. I wanted to write it in sentences, but I thought it was useless when I wrote it. Life is over. ..

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Dec 01, 2020, Actress Lizy (AFTERSCHOOL) released high 3 graduation album photos. Apgujeong High School former member. Ulzzang of Acjon.

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Oct 08, 2020, Lizzy (AFTER SCHOOL), who was active in the unit "Orang Caramel", pointed out on SNS that the concept of the new song "Hmph!" Of "WJSN Cocome" is similar to "Orang Caramel" but immediately deleted it.
● I hope that WJSN that exceeds Orange Caramel will appear.
Hmph! Go for it!
However, there are many places that double with the MV concept of Orange Caramel.
Ain Abingabing MagicGirl Catallena Hmph! Hmph!
● Kkkkkkk Reina Nana Lezi are the best

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