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Nov 20, 2020, #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Tae Yeon, an anecdote of a drinking party is Hot Topic.
● Tae Yeon, who is vulnerable to alcohol, falls asleep at the table.
● It looks cold, so the manager put on a padding jacket.
● People who came late thought that it was a seat to put their clothes on, so they went to the pile of clothes one after another.
● Fuss about Tae Yeon's disappearance. ..

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Nov 19, 2020, [Official ons] SNSD (Girls' Generation) Taeyeon applied for the interview with the Heungbuja, the rich facial expression, and the human Baek Seolgi idol! Interview passed,,,Is it possible?!ㅣ#Million views #Idol interview #STUDIOGB

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Nov 14, 2020, #SNSD Yoona, "The moment you understand your personality" Part 2.
● The first day of co-starring with actor #Ji Chang Wook in the TV series "THE K2".
● I noticed that the interview camera was shooting Ji Chang Wook, and it was out of the angle.
● Consideration is given to the seats for Ji Chang Wook, who had a pain in his neck.
*Ji Chang Wook directly testified to this situation.

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Nov 14, 2020, #SNSD Yoona, "The moment you know your personality" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● Minpaku experience Real program.
● Customers who enjoyed the open-air bath come home while dropping polka dots. A dangerous moment when a customer who seems to be annoying starts running.
● Yuna: It's okay if the water falls without running. Rather, I want you to drop the water. I just want to wipe it with a rag. .. ..

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Nov 13, 2020, [V Official] [_STAYC_] "The role model is SNSD (Girls' Generation) _, I want to be a good group even after a long time."

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Nov 13, 2020, SNSD Yoona opens Official Instagram. Operates with the office and provide various contents.

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Nov 12, 2020, [Official ons] I didn't know ,, SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ I like Tae Yeon ,, Tae Yeon looks better than my future ,, ♥ Tengu, you are on my star Yes ,, !!!!! ㅣ #Million views #You are inside #STUDIOGB

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Nov 08, 2020, #SNSD Yoona's cosmetics brand, a big crisis after the end of the model contract.
● Cosmetics brand "innisfree" that Yuna has been the main model for 11 years
● The contract ends this year.
● Recently, the business results were announced, but it turned into a deficit. Sales decreased by 40%. Completely withdrawn from North America and closed 130 stores from China. .. ..

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Nov 04, 2020, Seohyun (SNSD) mourns comedian Park Jisung, who died on the 2nd, through Instagram story. "A warm and lovely person" "I can't believe we can't meet anymore".

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Oct 07, 2020, "Private Life" online production presentation, actress Kim HyoJin (center of the photo) was told that she was so thin that people couldn't think of her as a mother of two children.

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