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Mar 12, 2021, SNSD (Girls' Generation) TIFFANY, appealing beautiful legs with fishnet tights. .. ..

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Mar 02, 2021, [Official jte] Human jukebox jae jae's work song SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ x2PM_ _<Gabi Song> Hurray (alone nice) twice | JTBC 210301 broadcast

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Feb 19, 2021, Is SNSD (Girls' Generation) coming back? It is reported that eight people are preparing to return in full. According to media reports, members recently had a place to discuss their new album.

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Jan 28, 2021, Seohyun, the youngest of SNSD (Girls' Generation), boasts cooking skills. Sooyoung responded to this with "Cooking King" and YURI responded with "Seohyun, you can get married soon." Seohyun replied, "Things have an order." Made a statement to hand over "marriage" to seniors of SNSD (Girls' Generation) inviting laughter.

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Jan 28, 2021, [Official mbe] [Radio Star] AIKI reinterpreted _SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ Dance! MBC 210127 Broadcast

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Jan 08, 2021, [Official ons] If I have Tae Yeon in my thumbnail, I have an incurable disease. There is no answer for witches' broom .. ❤ SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ Tae Yeon (TAEYEON) ALL TimE LEGEND | #Million views #Tae Yeon #SNSD (Girls' Generation)

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Dec 28, 2020, SM family concert "SM TOWN LIVE", announced "free" as rumored.
● #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Tae Yeon will also participate.
● Also pay attention to the participation of #RedVelvet IRENE. If Wendy also participates, it will be the first complete stage in about a year. ..
● Broadcast worldwide on January 1, 2021 at 1:00 pm on V LIVE, YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, TicToc, KNTV, etc. ..

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Dec 28, 2020, [Literal Translation] #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Tae Yeon, "Tae Yeon Fan Union" announces illegal acts against artist "Tae Yeon" and collection of evidence of third party accusations. Below, Literal Translation.

● The Taeyeon Fan Union collects "evidence" against malicious rumors, personality blasphemy and defamation torts related to the artist "Tae Yeon".

● Defamation due to the dissemination of false facts and defamation of artists who are confirmed to be facts are also obvious torts that fall under defamation of facts, and legal punishment is possible.

● Currently, we are in the state of being consulted by a legal expert for the relevant matter, and since it is possible to summon and punish the poster for the "third party accusation" for defamation of the artist, collect materials and the lawyer in charge I decided to proceed with the accusation through.

● For other cases that do not fall under the third party accusation, we will proceed with “legal response” through cooperation with the legal response team currently underway at SM Entertainment.

● The Taeyeon Fan Union is pleased to announce that it will take strict measures against malicious rumors and damage to the artist's honor.

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Dec 27, 2020, #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Tae Yeon, his reaction to Love Affair Rumors is Hot Topic in Korea.
● Love Affair Rumors Taeyeon updates SNS during coverage.
● The photo of SHINee key, a junior from a good friend company, was posted. Subtitles with "an image that is useful when you are very patient". ..
-This is a scene from the variety "Saturday of Surprise" where Taeyeon is appearing regularly with Key. It seems that the key is holding back emotions in yesterday's broadcast.
* Korean fans take it as expressing Taeyeon's feelings about Love Affair Rumors.

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Dec 25, 2020, Stunning video of SNSD (Girls' Generation) Hyo Yeon deceiving Tae Yeon. Pay attention to Hyo Yeon who became a staff member of SM Entertainment. Prank takes place from 7:4 ~

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