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Jul 11, 2021, #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Tae Yeon, today's styling is Hot Topic in Korea. .. ..

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Jul 05, 2021, Jung Il Woo & YURI (SNSD (Girls' Generation)) YURI starring TV Series "Possum-Stealing Fate", marking 9.759% audience rating. Set a new record for MBN's all-time TV Series. .. ..

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Jul 01, 2021, #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Tae Yeon, "Music Program" appearance for the first time in 4 years is Hot Topic in Korea.
● Next week's "M COUNTDOWN" teaser edition. .. ..

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Jun 11, 2021, "Mind control theory" actress Seo YEJI, the latest situation for the first time in two months.
● In April, allegations of "manipulating a dating actor, Seohyun (SNSD) tears" and "school bullying, job fraud, power harassment".
● I was absent from the TV Series scheduled to appear and the award ceremony.
● Today, I posted the line "Peanuts", "It feels good to have someone who believes in me." ..

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Jun 06, 2021, SM artist "Moment of debut" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● #SNSD The moment Yoona was making her debut. .. ..

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May 21, 2021, [Official ons] SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ Is Hyo Yeon's future dream a good wife and wise mother? !! The road of a distant and steep good wife and wise mother. Ayuru ~ Today's Good Wife, Wise Mother Rei! | #Million View pick #Channel Soshi | Style Studio 150811 Broadcast.

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May 21, 2021, [Official ons] "I don't remember" SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ The end of the "Four Apgarim Incident" revealed at the hearing! One-shot won-kill game of this craftsman swimming | #Million views pick #Channel Soshi | Style Studio 150811 broadcast.

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May 21, 2021, [Official ons] Busy busy! Where can you see it? It's home! SNSD (Girls' Generation) _ Tae Yeon's House Order Hobby One Day Class ~ | #Million Views pick #Channel Soshi | Style Studio 150804 Broadcast.

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May 17, 2021, #SNSD (Girls' Generation) Tae Yeon, the back of Hanbok is Hot Topic in Korea.
-Appeared in this Chimajogori on the popular variety "Saturday of Surprise".
● The design is too beautiful, and it has a great response immediately.
● However, it may be difficult to go down the stairs. .. ..

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May 16, 2021, #SNSD (Girls' Generation) YURI, co-starring with actor Jung Il Woo TV Series "Possum". The rise in viewer ratings is Hot Topic in South Korea.
● EP1: 2.816%
● EP2: 2.480%
● EP3: 3.726%
● EP4: 4.660%
● EP5: 5.223%.

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