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Jul 02, 2021, A sex mediation talk with VI (former BIGBANG), Jung Joon Young and others will be released. ..
● VI: Do what you want. Call a girl. It looks like a customer came from Taiwan.
K: Who was the one who called the girl now? Chinese is OMG.
Yoo In-seok: K manages it so that he doesn't meet other people.
K: Yeah. It's stuck to my side.
VI: Be firm. Don't make a mistake.
Yoo In-seok: Put on one of the guys. A child who can't speak English. Children like ○○.
K: I'll take care of you properly.
VI: Yeah. What about a woman? [A child who does well]
K: I've called it once, but I think it will be done. I wonder if they will do it even though they are not you. I'm calling Sanmai for the time being.
Jung JoonYoung: Chinese people should like plastic surgery.
VI: Nice to meet you.
Yoo In Seok: I'm preparing prostitutes right now. When two prostitutes come, K will guide you to the hotel room.
K: Yes. The two thugs sent.

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Jun 30, 2021, VI (former BIGBANG) attends the accused's question at the Ground Operations Command Ordinary Military Court. ..
● "KakaoTalk is not everything in life. I'm sorry to the people, but I'm sorry that there are typographical errors and I exchanged violent stories because it is a group talk room only for acquaintances." ..

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Jun 28, 2021, From 7/14, it is impossible for a man suspected of being a crime to "escape". ..
● Because there were a series of entertainers who were charged with crimes such as VI (BIGBANG) _ and actor Lee Seo Won, they were afraid that their defense obligations would change to a means of remorse and atonement for crimes. ..

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Jun 05, 2021, [Official mn2] [Relay Dance Again] PIXY --BANG BANG BANG (Original song by .BIGBANG_ _ ) (4K)

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May 18, 2021, [D Official yg] HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG 🎉
✅ 2021.05.18


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May 12, 2021, SOL (BIGBANG), a small part of the love nest of over 10 billion won has been released to Hot Topic.

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Apr 28, 2021, BIGBANG's official Facebook will post a complete black-and-white photo including VI who retired from the entertainment world due to the Burning Sun scandal. Some say, "Come back?" .. ..

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Apr 28, 2021, K-POP, "The moment the stage shines" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● For #BIGBANG #GD. .. ..

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Apr 26, 2021, [D Official yg] HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAESUNG 🎉
✅ 2021.04.26

#BIGBANG #Big Bang #DAESUNG #Taisei #HAPPYBIRTHDAY #20210426 #YG

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Mar 10, 2021, [Official mnk] [57 times] Is it home? Is it a museum? !! Art collection _SOL (TAEYANG / BIGBANG) _! | Mnet 210310 Broadcast

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