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Dec 09, 2020, [D Official jyp] JYP vs PSY "Who is LOUD?"

"Quiet people have the LOUDest minds"


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Mar 23, 2020, It is reported that singer PSY and his father-in-law are the religion "Makuya Seiden" guru Yu Jae-yol. .
● Emerging religion “Makuya Seiden” is a religious group that was active as a congregation before the launch of the new world, with the new corona outbreak, Hot Topic's new religion “Xintiandi” guru Lee Man-hee. .

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Sep 07, 2019, Hurricane banging the US. PSY's “Gangnam Style” left in the United States. . .

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Aug 02, 2019, Japanese government's export to Korea "White List" excluded. Korea's "First Retaliation" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● Seoul Gangnam District, national flag embellished in the city of
● Today, Gangnam-gu decides to remove only the Japanese flag.
-The reaction from Korea is "Come, Gangnam Style" "The next is singer PSY coming out in the city and dancing" "Gangnam, only the execution power is good".

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Jun 25, 2019, Korean media publishes the seating order of "the suspicious feast of sex", which was attended by the former YG Entrepreneur Yang Hyun Suk, Malaysian real estate businessman, Joe Lo, who is said to be with singer PSY.. Korean media publishes the seating order. From the left, 【Phan Hana, PSY, sex club hostesses X, Joe Lo, sex club hostesses X, H Yang Hyun Suk, Madam Chong】. . .

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May 21, 2019, World Star PSY Comes Back in July! Two years and two months. .

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Apr 05, 2019, [Literal Translation] "Kang Nam Style" singer PSY (Sai), "Seeing Eye" is Hot Topic. .
● Actually, at first I thought that only this person (Jung JoonYoung) had a ThuXX temperament
● But, this person (Roy Kim) also had a ThuXX temperament.
● Don’ you have many women?
※ Before the incident was revealed, it was a long time appearance variety

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Feb 25, 2019, PSY, slender figure is a topic. Rather, "self-management failure" also "We will manage and work hard."

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Jan 25, 2019, Established world star PSY, P NATION. "First edition" Contract with Jessi as belonging artist.

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Jan 24, 2019, PSY, established a comprehensive entertainment company "P NATION".

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