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Apr 10, 2020, Alleged about a year ago that he used propofol with talent amy and singer Whee Sung, he told a media interview that he wanted an apology from Whee Sung. . .

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Apr 07, 2020, A warrant for singer Whee Sung suspected of using a sleep-inducing anesthetic (propofol) is rejected. . .

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Apr 03, 2020, [Literal Translation] Singer Whee Sung, reported on the 2nd "Toilet Fainting" case. Earlier, the management office explained the reason. Below is the full text of Literal Translation of the position statement.

This is the Real Slow company (management office). First of all, we are very sorry to make you worry about the bad news in a difficult time.
Whee Sung had a tough time following the death of an acquaintance who worked with him and his father's sudden death, and an incident involving last year. ‬

On the day of being discovered in a public toilet, Whee Sung left his house and lost contact with his family and was found in the toilet. The police decided to return him home. ‬

‪ However, after returning home, he showed symptoms such as extreme thoughts, depression, and was admitted to the relevant hospital. Psychiatric treatment is currently underway, and it has been sincerely responded to police investigations. We will continue to actively participate in the investigation, and will continue treatment with the family after the investigation. ‬

HeeWhee Sung greatly regrets showing his bad appearance for any reason and feels sorry. We sincerely apologize to all those concerned. ‬

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Apr 03, 2020, Singer Whee Sung reappears after two days, found in "syncope". .
● Immediately after an American female singer Amy, who was expelled from Korea, shot with a “confession of recording and editing,” he injected a sleeping pill himself in a toilet in a building in Seoul and fainted affair.
● Police were dispatched and examined, but they were not drugs, so he was returned home. It is a sleeping pill that cannot be purchased without a prescription and he is scheduled for police investigation.
● Last night after two days, found again in Seoul 〇〇 hotel toilet. This time it is not a drug either but a sleeping pill.

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Apr 02, 2020, Singer Whee Sung is controversial in the security camera video "30 minutes ago". .
● I was found yesterday in the building's toilet with medication. Police did a drug test, but they weren't drugs, so they returned home. Today, a 30-minute security camera video was released until the drug was passed in front of the toilet and found.
● Police are investigating the drug because it requires a doctor's prescription. .

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Apr 01, 2020, Singer Whee Sung is found lying down using sleep anesthetics. .
● At around 8:30 pm on the 31st, she was found in a toilet in a building in Seoul with a plastic bag, a syringe and a bottle containing liquid.
● The police assumed that the drug used was not specified as a drug, and returned home once again to investigate again at a later date. .

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Mar 27, 2020, Talent amy reveals she has been deceived by singer Whee Sung. .
● Last year, amy told SNS that he had heard from an acquaintance that Whee Sung had planned sexual assault and illegal photography to prevent propofol use and exposure.

Whee Sung denies everything, publishes call recording file with amy.
-Claims that the recording file has been carefully edited. .

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Mar 26, 2020, Korean police are reportedly investigating singer Whee Sung for habitual use of propofol (sleep anesthetic). . .

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Apr 17, 2019, Singer Whee Sung side "not a fact" to amy propofol medication exposure. "If there is something recorded, you will receive punishment along it." . .

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Apr 17, 2019, Singer Whee Sung Fan Association, requesting an office position announcement. "A celebrity A" affair who used amy propofol together. .

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