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  • [Full text of Literal Translation] #AOA Mina, content written on SNS before bein

[Full text of Literal Translation] #AOA Mina, content written on SNS before being transported to the hospital. Below is the full text of the Literal Translation. ..

● I don't regret it. Shin Ji-min (AOA Ji-min), Han Sung-ho (representative of AOA management office), Kim SEOLHYUN (AOASEOLHYUN), happy.
● My mother, sister, and family will be able to say a word and cry even though they have no sin. Complete all mental damage compensation. Please do it with margin.

● (You) are people who only know money. I haven't properly cleared the bill. There were no contracts, debts of 3 billion won for illegal trainees in 8 years, and no details. Irresponsible people who do not respond to my contact until the end.

●People who said they were bystanders even though they didn't know what I was treated for 11 years. I want you to understand.

● Those people are so trashy that they can't be said in words. Those who have pushed normal people to death. Do you understand

● I go to a happy place. Don't go to the funeral home when I die. dirty. I die and torment you. I'm regrettable and can't live.

Published : 2020/08/08 23:44 KSTvia SNS

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