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BLACKPINK, fans get angry with 「lateness」reports.
● British football former representative David Beckham visits Korea. Plan to meet Korean model BLACKPINK at adidas 70th anniversary event.
● The place is the Time Square in Yeongdeungpo area where heavy traffic congestion often occurs.
● At 11:30, “Part 1, Commemorative New Product Introduction” started.
● At 11:45, “Part 2, Beckham's Korean name contest award ceremony” started.
● At 11:55, it was scheduled for "Part 3, Beckham and BLACKPINK's facing", but it did not start.
● BLACKPINK entered at 12:15. Meanwhile, Beckham moved to a rest area.
● As the start of the third part of the event was delayed, a part of the interview team declared a boycott.
● At 12:50, “Part 3, Beckham and BLACKPINK facing” started. The face to face meeting between Beckham and BLACKPINK is realized.
● When BLACKPINK's lateness was reported in Korea, fans furiously protested. “BLACKPINK has not been late, but the press is reporting with ill feelings to YG, fake news for YG's celebrity BLACKPINK.”
● The protests of angry fans rushed to the twitter “@kor_celebrities” that reported this.
● The event schedule table and the movie clip s were released and the affair has been settled.

Published : 2019/10/09 19:00 KSTvia SNS

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