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Oct 30, 2019, [G Official] "YG's natural enemy" Han Seo Hee Jung Daeun's photo is released.

via SNS
Oct 30, 2019, Jung Dae-woo, HOT TOPIC being called same sex partner of former trainee Han Seo Hee, co-starred with MONSTA X Wono and comedy TV “Olchan Era”.
● It was famous for being close friends outside the program.
● Jung Dae posted photos of Wonno on social media.

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Oct 30, 2019, MONSTA X Wonho, "YG's natural enemy" Sniper from Han Seo Hee partner. afterwards.
● management office “STARSHIP” denies financial problems.
-Fans accusing the sniper party "Olchan" Chung-down is a storm of comments.
● “YG 's natural enemy” Han Seo Hee threatens the fans ● Chung-Dun once again snips on SNS “STARSHIP does not call me (no), does not call me (my), why play alone? I want to play together, but I'm not talking right now, but returning money is the weakest word in it.

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Oct 29, 2019, MONSTA X Wonho, “YG 's natural enemy” Han Seo Hee sniper? Coverage with financial issues.
● “Olchan” former member Chong Dae who is dating Han Seo Hee.
● Posted TV program photos of Wonho appearing on SNS.
● “Hosok (Wonho 's real name), when will my money return?
* “Dive” means “run away without contact”.

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