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Jun 03, 2020, [Fan Cam X] Bakujifu-Ijein-All Yobin-Jung Daeun (former 2EYES) "The movie stars who participated in the big bell"

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Nov 14, 2019, Hot Topic is a video of “Olchan” Jung Daeun and “YG 's natural enemy” Han Seo Hee on SNS. . .

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Nov 06, 2019, [Literal Translation] This time, I will send a message to my daughter's same-sex partner.
“Olchan” Jung Daeun, who sniped and withdrawn MONSTA X WONHO, released a reply received from the mother of “YG 's natural enemy” Han Seo Hee. Below is the Literal Translation.

Down, thank you so much for making friends with my Sohi.

My Sohi is actually a warm and hearty child, I was healed a lot, and I took care of myself with my heart, but when Sohi became Angri Sohi, the language would be scary.

However, the child has a weak heart, only the words, and the heart is different.

On Instagram, when Sohi went to Paris, Sohi posted that he wrote a letter, and I couldn't read it very well, but I felt that the fonts and sentences were truly humane and warm.

Thank you for writing such a close letter today.

Sohi and Down, live with each other and eat well.

After “Study” is over, let's meet after I go to Incheon.

11.6 Sohi 's mother

* “Study” means “university study ability test”. It seems that someone in the family is in the university entrance examination and the two live together in Incheon.

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Nov 03, 2019, MONSTA X WONHO, “Resurrection Advertisement” is Hot Topic in Korea.
● Fans who are not convinced of leaving the group, WONHO campaign to return the group.
● Fundraising to target $ 10,000 (about 1 million yen) with Cloud Funding to advertise on Times Square in New York, USA ● About $ 25,000 (about 2.5 million yen) will be collected.
* This amount is almost the same as the loan amount claimed by Jung Daeun who aimed at WONHO. Some Korean fans said, “Let's return money before advertising”.

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Nov 01, 2019, [Literal Translation] MONSTA X "Olchan" who aimed at Wono, Jung Daeun, Hot Topic reacts when his past is exposed. .
● Contents exposed to the past on SNS before this incident:
Jung Daeun, life legend.
Dating with MONSTA X Wono.
I have a new father, but I am a conglomerate.
He has a bad relationship with his father-in-law, but he has written out articles about drugs.
The ex-girlfriend told me to hit a hormone (injection), and her voice became Tran Suzy.
I met Han Seo Hee in jail and now I am dating.
This bastard.
● Jung Daeun's reaction:

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Nov 01, 2019, Jung Daeun, SNS exposure for “judicial transaction”?
● Because exposure is a “complicity”, exposure without sympathy with investigative authorities is self-defeating.
● MONSTA X Wonho 's financial problems, unlicensed driving, cannabis, etc. are revealed one after another on SNS ● “I met at a cafe near Wonho 's house” “Wonho quickly took out a bag with a zipper. Cannabis was inside. ”“ I smoked cannabis at his house with Wonho. ”
‪ ※ “YG 's natural enemy” Han Seo Hee, who has given narcotics to iKON 's BI, is also protected as a “community provider”. ‬

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Oct 31, 2019, [G Official] "YG's natural enemy" Han Seo Hee, New post.
● Together with "Olchan" Jung Daeun

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Oct 31, 2019, MONSTA X Wonho's management office “STARSHIP” is preparing to sue.
* The following is a timeline of the correspondence between STARSHIP and the sniper content of “Olchan” Jung Daeun, who was the same sex partner of “YG 's natural enemy” Han Seo Hee and was appeared on TV with Wonho.
● Late at night on 29th: While watching Wonho 's program, Jung Daeun told SNS “When will you return my money?”
● Early morning on the 30th: Jung Daeun commented on SNS “The amount is 30 million won” (about US$300,000)
● 30th morning: STARSHIP, “The SNS is not true”
● Afternoon on the 30th: Jung Daeun leaks the communication with STARSHIP's lawyers. "I lived with Wonho, but Wonho didn't pay his rent." "Wonho stole my stuff and sold it online."
● On the night of 30th, MONSTA X received the Commendation from the minister of Culture and Tourism at the “2019 Korean Culture and Arts Awards” award ceremony.
● Midnight on the 30th: Jung Daeun, “I know what you did in 2008. Suwon Jail, Suspicion of Special Theft” “Not yet (exposure). of all?"
● Early morning on the 31st: “I will sue” and “I'm Han Seo Hee” against Wonho 's fans protesting in Jung Daeun's SNS comments. It was discovered that two same-sex partners were sniping Wonho while sharing the same SNS account.
● 31st morning: STARSHIP, “It's not true. Preparing to sue”
* Photos of Wonho 's crushing down when he lived together with Jung Daeun are also available.
* Han Seo Hee and Chung Daeun have released a photo of kissing in the plane, allowing for same sex partnership.

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Oct 31, 2019, [G Official] "YG's natural enemy" Han Seo Hee, "Jung Daeun, You'll die, really"
* You can see the relationship between two people

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Oct 31, 2019, [Literal Translation] MONSTA X Wonho has a new ripple. "YG's natural enemy" Han Seo Hee's same-sex partner Jung Daeun is a new SNS. .
● Following monetary issues, too specific content ● “I know what you did in 2008. Suwon prison, alleged special theft ^^”
● “(This is not yet exposed), isn't it?

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