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Nov 24, 2020, The death theory of actress Yun Jio, a witness to the late Jang Ja Yeon case. A mysterious comment by a family on Instagram. An acquaintance claims to have hacked an account. Currently, the account is private. .. ..

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Apr 23, 2019, late Actress Chang Ja Yeon "sexual entertainment" case, big movement for the first time in 10 years.
● Actress Chang Ja Yeon who was in Korean version of drama "boy over flowers" committed suicide on March 7th, 2009.
● Initially said to be "suicide due to depression", but some documents (will) which were lost found later.
● The contents revealed "sex entertainment" and "sex on delivery" by the president of A performing arts office where Jang Ja Yeon had an exclusive contract. It was reported that she was detained and beaten. The names of producers, film directors, presidents of famous newspapers, etc. are also listed as the involved parties.
● Police re-investigated by public opinion. The investigation was terminated after nine associates were prosecuted.
● However, there were also rumors that "a few people's names are missing" and "Chang Ja Yeon List" (a complete list of sex entertainment) remains.
● Three years later, in January 2012, Kim the president of A entertainment firm was in a lawsuit against former partner actress Song Sung-mi and Yu, who is the president of B entertainment office (and he was former manager of A entertainment office). In this process, during the power struggle between President Kim and President Yu, it was discovered that Jang Ja Yeon's documents (will) were created and used
● In 2013, the court's ruling "documents (posts) are not counterfeit"
● In 2014, the court's ruling "admit assault" "Sexual entertainment · sexual payment lack of evidence"
● In February 2016, the opposition (now the ruling party) members at the time insisted on intervention by the national information agency
● In October 2016, in a lawsuit against the exclusive contract in which the president of A entertainment office sued actress Lee Mi Suk, a statement of innocence was given to Yu president of B entertainment office
● In 2017, under the new presidential system, the power structure of the ruling and opposition parties is reversed. The past history committee of the prosecutor's office selects the Chang Ja Yeon case as a "target case for reconsideration".
● July 2018, the full text of the "investigation paper" at the time of the case was released. As the rumor, the relationship with the president of a major newspaper company Sergey
● Discovered that some records at the time of the incident, which were lost. Materials such as call records kept personally by the prosecutor at the time (now a lawyer) are provided to the “Past History Committee”
● October 2017, it was revealed that the wife in the divorce suit who is the daughter of the SAMSUNG family had made 35 telephone calls before the death of the late Chang Ja Yeon.
● March 2019, became 10 laps, actress Yoon Jio, who was affiliated with the A performing arts office at the time of the incident, returned from Canada, testified. Interviews such as "I was followed at the time of the investigation," "I have seen Chang Ja Yeon List before being incinerated." She call for donations of "guard costs".
● April 2019, Published a book in which the actress Yoon Gio wrote the dark part of the Korean performing arts world, including the Jang Ja Yeon case
● Yoon Jio and the writer who was helping the publication of the book splits.
● Today, the writer's lawyer accuses actress Yun Gio. Request for a ban on departure

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Apr 01, 2019, [Official kb1] [60 seconds editor Pick] The reason why the "Jang Ja Yeon case" witness started alive broadcasting.

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Mar 07, 2019, Actress Chan Jae-young, the 10th anniversary today (7th). Suicide suffering with suffering such as having forced entertainment at a sake seat from Office CEO in March 2009.

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Dec 19, 2018, "Cats pop artist" Nancy Len confesses the feeling of "divorce after 10 months". .
● Marriage to Mr. Wang who self-named her hidden son of the Hong Kong conglomerate ● A man who became a witness to the Jang Jae-yong incident during the 10 years of imprisonment in a criminal case ● "Husband's inmate is false and happy"
I could endure the lie of the ex - husband, but I could not put up with violence

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Apr 03, 2018, Korean Procuratorate, decided to re-investigate the death of an actress Chan Jae-yong for the first time in nine years. Will the truth become clear?

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Jan 06, 2018, Nancy Lan declares to charge the net users. Summary of circumstances.
● On 27th December, photos submitting a marriage notification with Mr. Wang are posted on SNS. "I married Chairman Wang , an entrepreneur from MACAU , 8 years older than me and an antique businessman"
● December 29th, allegations were raised from the media. "A 12-year prison term stating in a crime such as a special robbery rape, wearing a foot cuff for prevention of sex crime recurrence from the release of 2013. A letter counterfeit crime of a late Chan Jae-young case. He was living together with common-law wife till recently. He was born in Korea and He has no oversea departure history. He is under investigation due to a foreign car fraud case "
● On December 30th, they held an urgent press conference. Mr. Wang: "I refuse to confirm the electronic cuff, the letter is genuine." Nancy: "All speculations and the past, I know everything, I still love him"
● Additional allegations from the press on January 1 "After inviting a press conference, he invaded the residence of a common-law wife, Ms.A, he was looking for the charger for an electronic foot cuff, Ms. A accused Mr. Wang."
● On January 3rd, they were interviewed by the police.
● January 4th, Nancy defends Mr. Wang on SNS.
● On January 6th, declaring to sue the Internet users.

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Dec 30, 2017, "Cat's older sister" Nancy Lan, her husband insisted that the "sexual entertainment" letter of 2011 is genuine.
* Q: Does it relate to the late Chan Jae-yong (2011 letter counterfeit) incident?
* A: It's about me. I met late Jang Jae-young many times. It was the time of teenager (before being prisoned). I never forged a letter. In that case he was sentenced to two years sentence suspention for eight months imprisonment. I would like to submit evidence if necessary and confirm the truth.
※ The letter of 2011 is a handwriting appraisal at the police investigation, and the result of "Mr. Wang's counterfeit letter under reception". In addition, he was punished as a "senetenced for two years for suspended sentence for eight months in prison" in court.
※ The letter of 2009 is written by Chang Jae-young herself.

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Dec 30, 2017, "Jang Ja-yeon incident" got the attention again in Nancy Run's "Marriage fraud".
* TV Series "Boys over flowers” An actress who appeared in the Korean version. Suicide in 2009.
* Forced Sexual hospitality was written in her suicide letter left behind, making it a social problem. The president of her management office was arrested in Japan and deported to Korea. As a result of the trial, "assault" was charged but "sexual intercourse by compulsion" had no evidence and no prosecution. 20 people in the business community who were supposed to have received "sexual entertainment" by the letter called "Jan g Ja-yeon list" also had no evidence and all of them failed to be prosecuted.
* In 2011, "Chinese Mr. Wang" who was in prison insisted "I am childhood friend of Jang Ja-yeon", 50 new letters of 230 pages were sent to famous broadcast reporter and reported extensively. Later, it was clear that all of the letter was Mr. Wang's own work.
※ Mr. Wang (Korean name: Jeon) got out, this time, as the husband of Nancy Lang. .

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Dec 30, 2017, A rare "marriage fraud"? Nancy Run, a press conference today at 3 o'clock.
* Famous pop artist. Posted a picture of marriage on SNS on 27th. Husband is "an antique entrepreneur of from Hong Kong. "
* Advice from the whole country. "Went to the prison for 12 years with rape and special robbery violation" "Under trial for fraud of antiques and foreign cars" "Person who forged 230 pages of letters in prison in the past, deceived a famous reporter", “never been to Hong Kong “ and etc.
* Nancy "Do not need advice on marriage",”I will have a press conference with my husband “ on SNS.

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