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May 04, 2021, #Seo YEJI, TV Series "Island" is finally confirmed.
● Based on web comics. TV Series starring actor Kim Nam Gil. Scheduled to be filmed this summer ● ASTRO CHAEUN WOO may also appear ● Seo YEJI, who had confirmed his appearance and was adjusting the detailed conditions, broke out with “mind control theory”, “gaslighting theory”, and “suspicion of bullying when he was a student”. ..

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Apr 30, 2021, [V Official] Arirang Radio (Music Access / GyeongseoYeji & RODA / Light So ・ YEJI _ & Lowdown)

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Apr 23, 2021, "Mind control affair" for boyfriend + Seo YEJI starring movie "Memories of Tomorrow", alleged power harassment, won first place on the second day of release. Noise marketing effect. .. ?? ..

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Apr 20, 2021, Actress Seo Yeji, who is suspected of "controlling her lover," spotlights her qualifications again.

● Sex education qualifications, psychologist, children's English, balloon magic tricks, origami.

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Apr 20, 2021, "Memories of Tomorrow" starring actress Seo Yeji, who is suspected of "controlling lovers", has the highest pre-order sales rate, an effect of noise marketing.

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Apr 20, 2021, Actress Seo YEJI refocuses on the making video of the TV series "Hwarang" in a series of affairs. ..
● Park Seo Jun talked closely with Go Ara before actual, but he hardly saw Seo YEJI.
● Seo YEJI stumbled and Park Seo Jun reached out, but he moved immediately.
● Internet user reaction "Park Seo Jun has a good reputation for co-stars, but this attitude shows that Seo YEJI's personality was terrible."
"Seo YEJI said in an interview that he didn't get to know Park Seo Jun very much, but I can understand Park Seo Jun's feelings."

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Apr 17, 2021, "#Korean TV Series, Year of Curse" is Hot Topic in Korea. In 2021, there is already a crisis in 7 Korean TV series.
● "Dear M": Alleged school violence by leading actress park Hye Su. Broadcasting canceled even though shooting was completed ● "Amazing rumors": Immediately after the great success of S1, the planning of S2 was interrupted by the school violence theory of leading actor Jo Byung-gyu ● "River Where the Moon Rises": Leading actor during broadcasting Alleged school violence in Jisu. Re-shooting of the lead change.
● "Korean demon master": A blockbuster with 32 billion won. TV Series was discontinued after EP2 was broadcast due to historical distortion.
● "Delux taxi": Suspicion of school violence by the leading actress APRIL Naeun. Broadcasting finally started with re-shooting.
● "Snowfall Flower": "Blasphemy of the Democratic Movement" affair during filming with actors Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK Jisoo. Broadcast organization is in danger.
● "Ireland": Actress Seo YEJI's gaslighting suspicion changed the lead role, revised the script, and postponed shooting.

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Apr 16, 2021, Actress Seo Yeji is exposed by movie staff "the content of the interview at that time is a lie."
● In 2017, when the movie "There is another way" was released, Seo Yeji mentioned a scene where she tried to commit suicide with briquette gas.
"The director suggested that I really try to breathe briquette gas, and I entered a car full of briquette gas. The director looked happy and didn't say Cut."
● The staff at the scene said, "It's not true. No one actually told her to breathe gas at the scene. Didn't even do something similar."

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Apr 16, 2021, Actress Seo YEJI is in danger of discontinuing advertisements for sunglasses. The brand that is active as a model has unveiled the YouTube "RIETI X SEO YEA-JI COLLABORATION" video. Other brands such as cosmetics, masks, and health foods have also turned their ads private. .. ..

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Apr 15, 2021, Actress Seo YEJI, "Proof of Cosmetic Surgery" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● The graduation album "Seo YEJI Photo" has been released.
● The impression was so different that the orthopedic surgeon YouTuber judged it to be another person with the same name.
● When the suspicion of gaslighting (psychological maneuvering theory) became a problem, a "proof of cosmetic surgery" that compared the graduation photo with the current photo appeared.
● Deleted the video that YouTuber, a doctor who was confident and said, "If they are the same person, I will buy you dinner" judged that you are a different person.

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