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Sep 15, 2021, [Official jte] "Type! Hit some well!" Call with Ji Chang Wook_ that makes sound analysis (Um Mun-suk) fluffy Ceremony Club (SeriMoney Club) 12th | JTBC 210915 Broadcast.

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Jul 26, 2021, [V Official] Ji Chang Wook_ joint party? !! Min Wire Diameter and Kim Hyun Wook Actor's Reading Site │ Audition The Auditio Nep.3-1 │ Let.

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Jul 26, 2021, Actor Ji Chang Wook, COVID-19 virus infection. TV Series shooting stop. .. ..

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Feb 12, 2021, "AOA" former member Choa and Ji Chang Wook. Participated in the OST of the TV series "Lovestruck in the City"

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Nov 14, 2020, #SNSD Yoona, "The moment you understand your personality" Part 2.
● The first day of co-starring with actor #Ji Chang Wook in the TV series "THE K2".
● I noticed that the interview camera was shooting Ji Chang Wook, and it was out of the angle.
● Consideration is given to the seats for Ji Chang Wook, who had a pain in his neck.
*Ji Chang Wook directly testified to this situation.

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Aug 03, 2020, Actor #Ji Chang Wook discusses "pros and cons" with fan service.
●Collaboration with actress Kim You Jung TV Series "Convenience store byul" filming ends.
●One day shop assistant event at a convenience store in Sinchon for fans.
●Fans gather too much in the corona era. Criticism of “social distance” ruined vs. “revitalization of economy” controversy. .. ..

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Jul 30, 2020, Ji Chang Wook & Kim You Jung TV Series "Backstreet Rookies", submitted to the plenary session with the opinion of [legal sanctions (attention)] at the broadcasting deliberation subcommittee of the broadcasting communications deliberation committee decided to be held on 29th.

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Jul 09, 2020, Ji Chang Wook_ & _Kim You Jung_ starring TV Series "Convenience store set Byul", Broadcasting and Communications Deliberation Committee "production team opinion statement". ..
● The problem is that a high school student suddenly kisses an adult male, a webtoon writer moans and draws an adult webtoon, and uses slang and bad language. ..

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Jun 24, 2020, [Official sbe] "I took off my pants" Ji Chang Wook_, the most memorable episode! (ft. Action Kim You Jung_) ㅣ Access Showbiz Tonight (New Late Night E-NEWS) ㅣ SBS ENTER.

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Jun 20, 2020, New TV series "#Convenience store Saet Byul" controversy over plagiarism of Japanese movie in South Korea.
● TV Series with #Ji Chang Wook and #Kim You Jung
● A scene in which an assistant draws a manga. Directing method in which the background of the room is shown changing as the manga currently drawn
● Similar to the directing from Japanese movie, controversy is emerging in "plagiarism vs homage".

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