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Nov 15, 2019, PRODUCEX101 former member Kim MIN-GYU departs for Taiwan to hold a fan meeting. Incheon International Airport on the 15th. . .

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Nov 12, 2019, 【Literal Translation】 PRODUCEX101 Truth Investigation Committee receives a police briefing and announces “Statement”.
● The production company clarifies the “substantial truth” before the national producers and urges them to take full responsibility for this incident.
● Despite investigation briefings and reports continuing every day, the production company still cannot see such apologies and willingness to investigate the truth.
● The unprocessed “raw data” of the final word voting should be clearly disclosed. Since then, all investigation results have authenticity and legitimacy.
● After prosecution against PD and CP currently in custody, plans to publish “raw data” to the public by requesting information disclosure, viewing records, and applying for copying.
● We will not stop our actions until all substantive truths are published together with “raw data” and the production company CJ E & M conducts “apologies with authenticity” and “investigation of truth”.

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Nov 12, 2019, Seoul Regional Police Agency Director, Summary of Today's “Press Conference”. .
● More than 10 people involved in the PRODUCEX101 related matters, such as those related to Mnet operating company CJ ENM.
● Thorough investigations must be conducted to realize a fair society.
● We are also investigating thorough investigations of allegations of entertainment agencies, entertainment, and executive intervention. .

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Nov 12, 2019, The South Korean police will also be summoning trainees who appear on PRODUCEX101.
● Summoned as “reference person” instead of “suspect” status ● Includes not only trainees whose rank has been raised by voting operations, but also trainees who have been dropped due to lower rank.
● Possibility of investigating stories heard during the audition program shooting course and stories heard from the management office. .

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Nov 12, 2019, PRODUCEX101 Former MYTEEN Kim Gukhon & Son Yubin appearing, the new debut unit name is “B.OF YOU = BOY”. .
● "Best Of You" and "Both Of You" have two meanings.
● Concert “2019 Kim Guk Hong X Song Yubin Mini Concert <Dear, YOU> Will be held next month. .

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Nov 10, 2019, PRODUCEX101, Kim MIN-GYU, who is said to have entered the Debut Team after the police announcement of the operation incident next week, is Hot Topic.

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Nov 09, 2019, PRODUCEX101, ranking change is Hot Topic. .
● Reported confession that PD of arrest arrest "debut team was decided" before broadcasting / voting of the final episode.
● Rumors that the police will announce the true final ranking on the 11th.
● Lee Jin Hyuk, Ku Jung-mo, Kim Min-GYU, etc. may be ranked in.
* Also the probability of Kum Dong Hyun and Son Yu Bin.

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Nov 09, 2019, "POLICEDUCE 11" is Hot Topic in the operation case of "PRODUCEX101".
● After the police arrested and detained Ann PD and Kim CP on the 5th, the investigation made rapid progress.
● Scheduled to announce the progress at the official briefing on the 11th
● The police may announce 11 original Debut Team on the 11th, and it is ironic that “POLICEDUCE 11” by “the police producer”. .

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Nov 08, 2019, PRODUCEX101, the moment of “4 divisions” in the final live broadcast is Hot Topic in Korea. .
● Lee Eun San: 2nd highest, 11th final (Debut Team in X)
● Lee Jin Hyuk: Max 2nd, 12th final ● Kim MIN-GYU: 1st max, 17th final ● Koo Jongmo: 2nd max, 13th final

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Nov 08, 2019, PRODUCEX101, new coverage.
● Shocked statements by Ann PD and Kim CP arrested and arrested. .
● "The final ranking of the 20 people who entered the final live broadcast was decided before the live broadcast was Tei"
● It was not a “voting operation” but a “voting call fraud”.
* Does the role of “National Producer” end before the final story? .

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