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Jun 26, 2019, WANNA ONE former member Kang Daniel's trial, "LM" in dispute help new company "KONNECT"?
● Last month, the court provisionally disposed of “application for termination of the exclusive contract” from Kang Daniel. Make your own activities.
● Last month, Kang Daniel established his own entertainment office "KONNECT" and became president. "Recruitment of staff" is.

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Jun 24, 2019, 【G Official】 WANNA ONE_ former member Kang Daniel, SNS updated

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Jun 21, 2019, Kang Daniel, yesterday (20th) has made a solo debut album jacket shot. Korean media coverage. . .

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Jun 18, 2019, [Literal Translation] WANNA ONE former member Kang Daniel, testimony from a certain fan.
※ I asked Kang Daniel during the fans autographing session.
● Q: "Do you know Japanese words?"
● A: ‪ “Hmm. Kenta Takada? “

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Jun 12, 2019, WANNA ONE former member Kang Daniel, President, "A just interview" effect?
● New company "KONNCET Entertainment" announces public adoption.
● Recruitment in 11 fields including Japan business. Applicants "exploded" and closed in one day.
● "572" applicants for "00" recruitment in only one job site. There are 483 women. ※ There are 24 highly educated masters and doctors. . .

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Jun 12, 2019, Former WANNA ONE Kang Daniel appointed as PR ambassador for Busan City.

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Jun 12, 2019, WANNA ONE former member Kang Daniel, "Job Recruitment" to work together is very popular.
● Established “KONNECT Enta” as Representative Director and President.
● The company logo is also released, and "public adoption" hs started.
● Recruitment is in progress in 11 departments including manager, public relations, content distribution, management support, content production, business support in Japanese, English and Chinese.

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Jun 10, 2019, Kang Daniel, who established a private office, debuted in July as a soloist "NO". "I will try to meet my fans as soon as possible."

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Jun 10, 2019, PRODUCE 101 and WANNA ONE former member Kang Daniel reopened entertainment activities for the first time in five months with raw STREAM.
● In January this year, WANNA ONE broke up
● A dispute with the management office. Action is possible by the temporary disposition of the court.
● At 11:00 last night, SNS live STREAM. "I'm nervous after a long time," "I worry about forgetting my face," the expression that is embarrassed.

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May 30, 2019, "Actual all stop" WANNA ONE former member Kang Daniel, a lawsuit with the management office. Today's news movement.
● In March, Kang Daniel asked the "LM Entertainment" to prove the contents "Please correct some of the contents of the contract. I am also considering releasing the exclusive contract."
● LM "There was a misunderstanding between the company and the artist"
● Talks between the two have broken down.
On March 21st, Kang Daniel applied for "provisional suspension of termination of exclusive contract" with the court against LM. ● Kang Daniel's position: "LM has no prior consent, and various rights in the exclusive contract Concluded a joint venture contract to be transferred to three parties for a fee. Violation of the exclusive contract
● LM's position: "Kang Daniel was aware in advance of the joint venture. It is clearly stated in the joint venture contract that there is no business that goes against LM or the representative of LM or Kang Daniel's intention. It is written in "
● May 10, the court cited "provisional disposition". Kang Daniel's position was accepted from the court.
● May 13th, LM "to challenge the court"
● June 12, scheduled for the first interrogation of the “objection application”.

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