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Dec 08, 2018, 【G Official】 IZONE, photo release.

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Dec 08, 2018, IZONE, various forms of applause.
● Kang Hye Won on the left side, applauded chicken ● Miyawaki Sakuya, jersey applause ● Kim Minju watching smaho on the right side, Pokemon "Kabigon" applauded. .

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Dec 08, 2018, 【G Official】 IZONE, Treasure photographs prepared to cherish the weekend well.

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Dec 09, 2018, 【G Official】 IZONE Miyawaki Sakura, South Korea's name is "Sa · Kura"
● The last name is "Sa" and the name is "Kura". .
● Example: "Kura" at the AAA awards ceremony shining every minute

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Dec 07, 2018, IZ*ONE, "FNS song festival" teaser. A major controversy broke out among Korean fans.
● AKB48 and IZ*ONE performed another set of continuous stages during the "First Night" of the week.
● In next weeks "Second Night" teaser collaboration "AKB group · Nogizaka 46 · Keyakizaka 46 · IZ*ONE".
One Korean fan says "I oppose the collaboration with the Akimoto group, Akimoto world is a man's world. AKB's sister group is a device for easily bored men. If they get tired of AKB, they get SKE, if they get bored with SKE, the next is NMB, HKT etc. Next after the 48 series is the 46 series, IZ*ONE will be the next receptacle of the 46 series as it is "

※ This controversy, being a major controversy among Korean fans. That summary.

● It took 1 year and 4 months for TWICE to appear on the terrestrial wave in Japan. IZ*ONE's progress now is thanks to Mr. Akimoto and AKB members.
● In Japan, the main consumers of KPOP Girls group is women. This has been proved by SNSD (Girls' Generation) and TWICE. Male fans do not last long. The Akimoto world for IZ*ONE is sweet at first, but eventually it becomes poison.
● IZ*ONE has a time limit of 2 years and 6 months. TWICE has also been told that, a debut in Japan will be calculated after the dissolution of IZ*ONE. Absolutely should cooperate with Mr. Akimoto.
● BTS fans emotionally disagreed with Mr. Akimoto's production without knowing the actual circumstances of Japan and eventually became unable to do this. If they had a successful collaboration with Mr. Akimoto, the T-shirt problem in Japan wouldn't have been a problem.
● You do not need to think about that. Anyway in Japan, they should go out to "MUSIC STATION" "FNS Song Festival" "Kohaku Utagassen". .
● Do not face it! It's a unit for one night only? Is that not fine?

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Dec 07, 2018, 【T Official】 [Simply K-Pop] IZONE prepared some TMI about IZONE! _ Ep.340 _ 120718

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Dec 07, 2018, 【T Official】 IZ*ONE CHAYON, SNS update. "Thank you very much for inviting me to the FNS song festival! It was a very exciting stage...www. It will get colder and colder, but be careful not to catch a cold, IZ*ONE's passion will warm the winter."

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Dec 09, 2018, . . 【G Official】 IZONE Timing of Hitomi and Chewong's "Mamma Mia" "Fantasia". .

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Dec 06, 2018, IZONE - OH MY, Celebration stage of the professional baseball ceremony ceremony. .

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Dec 06, 2018, 【T Official】 IZONE, a memorial photograph that can only be seen as a "synthetic photograph" even if seen.
● However, it is not synthetic. . The other party 's physique is just a big deal.
● Celebration stage at the award ceremony of "2018 Professional Baseball Sports Seoul, this year's prize".
● Lee Seung-yeop player who was active as "Giants" in Japan
● Ryu Hyun-jin who is active in Major League "LA Dodgers"

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