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Dec 04, 2018, 【T Official】 IZONE, Japan's first singing at the FNS song festival of tomorrow!

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Dec 04, 2018, IZONE Jang Won-yeon, shops in parents' house are topics.
● Fathers are Taiwanese overseas, mothers are Korean ● Seoul is managing Chinese restaurants. Moreover, the "conscientious store" selected by the chief
● Shops proliferate at the fans' sacred site pilgrims If men can meet Wong Yong, men volunteers continue to train in the kitchen for ten years. .

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Dec 04, 2018, 【T Official】 IZONE, "ENOZI Cam" EP.5 released.

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Dec 04, 2018, On IZONE side, Mr. Miyawaki Sakura and Yabuki Nago highlighted "It is absolutely not concurrent" about HKT 48 concert appearances.

* Because they belonged to the AKB group in Japan, it was worried that they can not concentrate on IZONE activities. For that reason, it declared that they will not "concurrently hold".
* However, when it is announced that participation in the HKT 48 Tokyo concert on December 15 is announced, there is also a voice of Korean fans rebounding as "concurrent". .

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Dec 04, 2018, 【T Official】 IZONE Minju, updated SNS. Take care of the cold for the rest of the year!

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Dec 03, 2018, IZONE Sakura Miyawaki and Yukiko Nagiko, participating in the concert at HKT 48 on 15th. Voices of repulsion from Korean fans.
● Korea MAMA Awards Ceremony on 10th ● Japan MAMA Awards Ceremony on 12th ● Immediately after the participation of the Hong Kong MAMA Awards Ceremony on 14th. .

※ The full text of HKT 48's Tokyo Concert holding below.

● Thank you very much for your encouragement to HKT 48 on a daily basis.
● Thanks to you, we have successfully celebrated our seventh anniversary and I was able to report on the decision of the new theater of my wish.
● So thanks to all of you, I will hold the HKT 48 that entered the eighth year, its first exclusive concert at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on Saturday, December 15! !
● This time the cast members are HKT48 all members!
Fifth grade students who just showed up at the seventh anniversary performance also participated,
In addition, IZONE 's Miyawaki Sakura and Yabuki Nanako have also decided to participate in a hurry!
Please bake the last stage as HKT 48 in its eyes! !

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Dec 05, 2018, 【G Official】 IZONE Chewong, a weekend greeting.

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Dec 02, 2018, [T Official] IZONE, open to all of you "making a lunch box" including Japanese members. The day when the member Chae Won took the "University Scholastic Ability Test" (Korean version center test). .

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Dec 02, 2018, 【T Official】 IZONE Yabuki Nanako, Recent Publications.
● The first snow fell in Korea before this ● When I accumulate snow, I want to make a snowman ... ❤ ❤ ♡
● The picture was taken before! The parfa looks delicious 😏 笑

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Dec 05, 2018, 【G Official】 IZONE, publishing pictures.

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