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Nov 13, 2019, IZONE fans are preparing to build an “advisory support mechanism” Recruiting experts to support IZONE in crisis. The necessary human resources are
● Experienced attorneys and law firms (Korea, Japan)
● Performance office management and investment experience ● Tax and accounting specialists ● Advertising specialists ● Media-related people ● Financialist provided by the office, etc. . .

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Nov 12, 2019, Is IZONE expected to appear in the NHK Red and White Song Battle? . .

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Nov 12, 2019, “CG editing” by IZONE and variety is Hot Topic in Korea.
● PRODUCE 48 fraud is detected.
● Debut Team IZONE's comeback postponed, self-restrained.
● Delete and edit members sitting on a chair from a recorded program using computer graphics (CG). .

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Nov 11, 2019, IZONE and X1 are reporting “dismantling theory”. .
● Some members' management offices are in an emergency meeting.
● Some members are “preferential” and all members are “victims”.
● Members are emotionally unstable due to the “operation group” and “operation members”. Opinion that group dismantling is necessary to prevent further damage. .

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Nov 10, 2019, X1 and IZONE, the number of pros and cons of terrestrial appearance is Hot Topic.
● Two people are petitioning to Cheong Wa Dae with the opposite opinions.
● “Ann PD accepted 40 entertainments and operations. The same as cheating the public, hiring and hiring employees. Prohibiting terrestrial operations from appearing on the ground” (currently 1,865 favored)
● “Several punishment is dealt with by PD and management office members. Members are not guilty. Don't ban terrestrial appearance” (currently in favor of signing: 6,248)
※ Before tomorrow's police announcement, PD, management office and production company are responsible, but there are many opinions that members are not guilty.

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Nov 08, 2019, IZONE, the concert film movie “EYES ON ME: The Movie” scheduled to be released on the 15th, has been canceled. . .

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Nov 08, 2019, IZONE WON YOUNG and YENA appearing on the program “Surprising Saturday”, edited by teaser is Hot Topic. .
● PRODUCE48 The scheduled on-air has been canceled due to the discovery of the ranking operation. ● “There is a tendency to convince people that they ca n't even talk.” “The worry becomes a reality ...”
● Hot Topic is a remark that seems to be ironic about the current situation. .
* This program is a format where delicious dishes are served when the performers cooperate to correct the lyrics of songs that are difficult to hear.

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Nov 07, 2019, IZONE postpones the release of 1st full album. . .

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Nov 07, 2019, Mnet is discussing the broadcast of IZONE's comeback show “COMEBACK IZONE BLOOM * IZ”. IZONE canceled the comeback showcase in the aftermath of the “PRODUCE48” unproducer. . .

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Nov 07, 2019, IZONE completely cancels the showcase “BLOOM * IZ” showcase scheduled for 4pm on the 11th. .
● Produced by the impact of the PRODUCE48 “voting operation” investigation. .

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