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Feb 07, 2020, Kim Cho Young, who appeared in “PRODUCE48”, attended the graduation ceremony of Han Lim Performing Arts Center. . .

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Jan 02, 2020, PRODUCE48 former member Huh Yun Jin, Hot Topic in Korea for some reason.
● Born in Korea in 2001, raised in the United States. A fan of SNSD (Girls' Generation).
● Passed an audition in New York in 2017. Returned to Korea and became a Pledis trainee for "Seventeen's sister".
● Participated in PRODUCE48 in 2018. Miss Debut Team IZONE in 10th place in the highest ranking and 19th in the final ranking. Participants from Japan called "Kirin-chan". The appearance when dancing is just like a giraffe. Favorite Japanese is "baked sweet potato"
● Entered high school in 2019. Currently studying at Hanrim Geiko.

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Dec 17, 2019, Voting operations of PRODUCE series such as PRODUCE48, PRODUCEX101. The prosecutor's position on the announcement of Debut Team's “operation member” is reported in Korea. .
● The prosecution will never reveal who the operation members are.
● If it becomes clear, someone will do damage and someone will benefit. The prosecution cannot be released. ‬
‪ Collect evidence and investigate in order to uncover criminal facts and seek appropriate punishment. It's not about investigating because the fans want to investigate. ‬
‪ ● In the future, it may be estimated indirectly in the investigation records, such as evidence, as the trial progresses, but the prosecution will not reveal it preemptively before that. ‬

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Dec 05, 2019, At PRODUCE48, “Misashiki IZONE escaped” Mie Takeuchi, the latest is Hot Topic. .
● New songs released in Korea are popular.
● On December 14th, “NO END CITY POP” was held in Hong Dae, Seoul.
● management office There is a theory of joining a girls group that "MYSTIC Enter" is preparing. .

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Dec 04, 2019, PRODUCE48 Cho Yong-in, starring in the TV TV Series “Winter Vacation”.

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Nov 12, 2019, “Audience's father” CJ ENM Searched for a house at Vice President Shin Hyun Kwang. .
● PRODUCE48, PRODUCEX101 Concerning the operation incident ● Standing music program M COUNTDOWN, various audition programs, award ceremony MAMA, exhibition type festival KCON super famous producer ● Ann PD and Kim CP seniors Boss.

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Nov 12, 2019, PRODUCE48, PRODUCEX101 fraud case, there are more than 10 people involved. .
● A briefing today at a press conference.
● In addition to “Ann PD” and “Kim CP” arrested arrests, executives from the Mnet operating company “CJ ENM” and executives from the management office of participating trainees are also included.
● The prosecution will be sent on the 14th with an indictment. .

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Nov 11, 2019, PRODUCEX101 and PRODUCE48, police announcement postponed tomorrow. Unexpected relationship between “ranking disclosure” and “onion man”.
● To dispel suspicions, there is a strong public opinion that originally demands the announcement of the ranking.
● Celebrities such as politicians and entertainers had no problem with public information as “public figures”.
● However, the “Onion Man” Cho Guk 's previous law minister 's family suspicion was countered by the prosecution to disclose information, and the Legal Department (Ministry of Justice in Japan) tightened “publishing suspected facts”. Therefore, some police say it is difficult to announce the rankings tomorrow. ‬

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Nov 11, 2019, PRODUCE48 and PRODUCEX101 police announcements postponed.
● Investigation briefing of the voting operation scheduled for the 11th was postponed to the 12th.
-The original voting results may be announced, and IZONE and X1 fans are paying attention.
-"Debut Team" was re-decided by the police announcement, and with Marcos Benjamin Lee, the new season of the PRODUCE series "POLICEDUCE11" with "Police Producer" was ironic.

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Nov 11, 2019, Injustice confession PRODUCE series, movement of civil lawsuits.
● Some fan communities are claiming compensation of 100,000 won (approximately US$80) per person.
● Voting on mobile phones costs 100 won (about 8 US cent) per transaction.
● 4.5 million votes for PRODUCE48 and 14 million yen for PRODUCEX101, a total of 18.5 million votes are eligible for compensation. The total amount is 1,850 million won..
* Since the Korean court system does not allow “punitive compensation” like the United States, some say that it is difficult to compensate 100,000 won per person.

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